Need Help

Hi i have been working on a drag event launch wheelie build on the AMC Gremlin x but i have hit a bump and i think i need some help on the tune.

I think the problem is the gearing it only makes a small wheelie and it is not reliable my gamertag is Kling04 please download and try the tune and see if you have any suggestions. I could only get it to work on a summer drag strip.

I downloaded it and tried. Your rear tire psi is first place I would start.Telemetry has you at 63*(cold) and 60 psi on front. I’m curious why you have the front that high lol. Rear (cold)63* and 14 psi. After Juggernaut rear temp was over 200* and 20psi. Hope this helps its hard to do much when you can’t see it adjust tune.

Drag cars in real life have low PSI for the rears. One reason is to create a larger contact patch for more launch grip, which helps with wheelies too. IDK Forza’s s/w formula though, but worth a try, go down to 15 or 20 psi in the rears.