Need help with tuning

Having difficulties tuning because everywhere i look up on how to tune they all say different things. I know its preference too but im trying to figure out best tuning for A, B, S1 and etc for online adventure. Also wanting to learn more about tuning and have a good understanding of it. I heard forza 6 is different than forza horizon 3 when it comes to tuning also. I’m using this app called Forzatune 6 but i know for sure an app can’t give me the best tune. Does anybody have any suggestions or video tutorials on how to learn more about this stuff? Or maybe a better app than forzatune 6. Not trying to spend all day tuning my cars lol

The hardest part for me on tuning is the gearing so i just leave all the gears default and just mess with the final drive but i know there has to be a better way to tune than that.

I also have a question on upshifting. Does anybody know if u are supposed to release gas when u clutch and upshift in this game?

A link to my tuning and upgrading tutorial.

For forza tune 6, I have many tricks to get the best tune.
Sliders at 95% over/understeer (all things), 160% stiffness for race suspension, 95% stiffness for rally suspension.
to account for the different max values for the ARB and dampers. you must multiply what the calc gives you by a correction factor. The factor for the dampers is 1.33, for ARB its 1.625 HOWEVER I never use the ARB correction factor. I use the original number for front ARB setting and it works better for me. Disregard the rear ARB setting entirely and max it. If your rear end gets too lively move it back to 60, very rarely you may need to go as low as 55.
You MUST use the 1.33 correction factor for the dampers though! For example, the app says that the damper setting is 6.5. So, 6.5 X 1.33 = 9.044 So 9 is the setting you use. Also never round up on the front end of the car as a softer front helps cornering.
DIff settings… Tighter = higher percentage, looser = lower percentage. “Loose is fast, fast is loose.” Too loose however means less traction. Minimum setting 13/43/65 (Front accel/rear accel/split), my most used setting is 15/50/65. For off road, I use 20/60-85/65. The Decel diff will be 0 preferably. if the car slides too much in the corners you can add up to 10 decel diff to try and mitigate it. I have never needed more than 10, l never use it on the front wheels.
Brakes are total user preference. I reduce pressure to 80% so I can pull the trigger all the way without the brakes locking up. others like 145% because it more closely resembles the way a real brake pedal feels. The choice is yours.
aero is too easy, but I like the two birds with one stone trick. Where you increase front downforce without redoing the springs. This both increases grip and it effectively softens the front springs. Use as little rear aero as you can get away with to increase top speed & acceleration.

  1. No need to release the throttle when shifting unless you’re shooting for realism.

  2. Every category of tune has its own general presets. Drag is going to have softer springs in the rear and longer gearings for however many gears you run. (You also have to take into account how long of a launch path you can get before shifting to the next gear.) Grip is going to have aero along with tire pressure, alignment (camber and toe), and differential changes. Offroad and rally tunes are going to have soft springs, relatively constant gear ratios, maybe some tire pressure tuning, and diff changes. Drift tunes:

If you’re a RWDer, usually everything needs to be fine tuned (even more so as specs get crazier).
If you’re an AWDer, usually nothing will need to be tuned.

Anything else is going to be a combination of two or more of those categories.


so what do you use for springs? do u use the app for that and also do u put in the aero u adjusted (put rear as low as possible) into the app also? i got everything else just some other stuff confused me and thank you so much for the help bro

I use rally springs for everything. Race tunes, rally tunes, drift tunes, literally everything. The only difference between them and race springs is maybe a few pounds (changes from car to car). However rally springs can be lowered just as much as race springs but can be raised higher than them (not to mention you can have softer spring settings with them).

Aero doesn’t really matter tbh. Unless you’re making a grip tune, I’d leave Forza aero off. And no I don’t use an app lol.

Yes I use the app for springs, no correction factor is needed there. As for the aero I tweek, it depends on how much is needed, anything over a 20 click adjustment should be accounted for.
There is also a neat trick with the front aero. you can increase it and it will effectively lower the front spring rate a bit, so you don’t necessarily have to do both.
Also I just realized I forgot to mention that when doing off road tuning with the rally suspension, there is NO need for ANY correction factors. There is even a block of info in the app that says the settings require rally suspension in FH3.
So basically, I only use the 1.33 correction factor for the dampers of race suspension only. Hope that clears up any confusion.