Need help with Storm Island co-op drift achievement

I’m looking for an experienced drifter willing to help out someone not very good at drifting (me) get the Storm Island Co-Op Hardcore Bucket List item 'Drift a ‘Vette.’ This is the last Storm Island co-op bucket list item I have left. After hours and hours of practice, I can still only manage to get 5-8 drifts half the time (managed 10 only once; wiped out too often and ran out of time the other half), so I was hoping to find someone who can make up the difference. Anybody interested? Friend me & we can set up a private online session to knock this out. GT KalBoyd

Never mind everyone, I got a buddy to help me get this achievement. To all you ‘experienced’ drifters, thanks for all the ‘expert’ help. Now I know where not to go if I ever need drift help again.