Need Help With Raptor

My Raptor seems to be picking the inside tire off of the ground when getting loose in a corner, which makes it impossible to countersteer. Should I increase rebound and compression, decrease one and increase the other, or what. I will try any suggestions. Please and thank you.

PS: I’m a dirt track kinda guy. So, I don’t know much about pavement terms.

Best thing to do with the raptor is to remove it from you garage :slight_smile:

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Nah its the only real looking truck that I can get.

I have never tuned a raptor so I’m not the most knowledgeable on it

I’ve tuned a raptor to keep the wheels as planted as possible. When i get a moment, i will let you know what i have for the Spring/Dampening/ARB settings, which should help give some direction.
Or, if you cant wait, i have a C Class tune up on my SF you can have a look into. Just search “F150 C TCCM”