Need help with g920 setup for game

I just got my very first sim wheel which is a Logitech G920. ($350 in canada) and was wondering if any1 know what advanced settings and g-hub setup to do for some1 who never used a wheel before.

There was some discussion about wheel use in FH5 in the rivals thread recently - Bedlam posts towards the bottom of this page a link to a base set up for the G920 but some of the other bits of the discussion about wheel set up may help.

Biggest problem is how to setup your advanced settings. I usually don’t mess with top half of the list and start with “vibration scale” and go down.

My advice is to set every individual setting from vibration scale down, to it’s lowest value and test it by driving. Then you slowly raise them and see where the difference is. That takes a lot of time and patience, so you can try my approach and just fiddle with what you think is wrong after you drive.

I usually don’t use G_HUB since it sometimes works and sometimes not. But the biggest difference in setup was for my brake pedal. G 920 has extremely stiff brake pedal (while gas pedal is too soft) and I had a lot of trouble with pressing on it since I couldn’t control it properly due to stiffness. Until I calibrated my wheel via Windows calibration tool (not in game). Once I found out I can set up how much pedal travel means full brake, I changed it so I need only one half of pedal distance to achieve the same and I have much better control and much less pain in my sole.

See if this helps. Also let us know how is the whhel reacting on wall hot or getting off track (losing grip)
For me, the race is over.