Need help with camber and toe for drifting :(

Hello fellow drifter friends . I been drifting on previous forzas with a wheel and for some reason I can’t seem to hold a drift as well with what I did in previous titles . I already messed with my anti roll bars and springs I got that down I just can’t figure out what kind of camber or toe to use to hold my drifts and be able to transition better without loosing control even though I use very minimal throttle . Thank you to who ever helps in advance <3

You trying for points or tandem? What compound?

Sorry I’m late but I’m going for both kinda but tandem more preferably and for compound whatever is best

Sport tires always
front tire psi - 30-35
Front - -2.5- -4 degree
Rear - -2.0- -3.0 degree

Front: none, ever
Rear: -.1 - -.5 degree
I prefer 0 degree toe, but add toe in rear to increase tire slip

Rest is just practice

Front camber -1.4 rear camber 0.6 toe 0.0 for front and rear seems to work perfect for me on sport tires or street check your dampening as well for transitions

I usually run around

Front: -1.5 > -1.8
Rear: 0.8

Front: 0
Rear: 0

Sounds to me like your problem is caster!

Caster seems super sensitive to me in this game. I usually dabble between 6.0-7.0 on everything, it changes depending on car.

Other things I’ve found that help are lower rear pressure depending on HP. I’m down to 19psi in some high power cars. Also a bit of negative rear toe adds some stability for me! No more than -0.5