Need help w NSX-R time attack tune

Here is my setup. Using 360 wireless wheel manual ABS TC on. I can’t get car to exit apex w out losing traction.
Car setup
Air psi 27 26
Camber -1.5 -1.5
Toe.3 .3
Caster 5.7
Roll bar 26 34
Springs 655 690
Height low 4.1 4.0
Damper 7.7 8.8
Bump stiffen 5.7 6.6
Aero 84 220
Brake front 60
Brake force 130
Diff 50 60

I also use the MS racing wheel with ABS, TC, and Manual/Clutch
Not sure if I raced the NSX-R Time Attack, but will check it out and see what tune I have.
I use the Forza Tuning calculator on most cars.

try your diff settings at:
accel 29
decel 9

see if the way i like it is comfortable for you.

The Rivals Time Attack on Suzuka and the 1992 Honda NSX-R is for Stock Build and tune only.
My time in that race is 2:28.XXX with the MS wheel.
Post a replay on your storefront so that we can see how you are driving.

Give me the build and class for the tune you posted and I’ll give you a tune from the FTL Calculator.

Good Luck

Since you could not have raced this tune in the Rivals Stock build and Tune in the B Class Suzuka Full Track, Where did you race the tune?
What Class was your car build?


tire pressure is too low. make them even (F&R) ~30 to start, final adjustment after everything else then adjust until you see 180~190 deg… even. across each tire, after a lap or two.

camber is too much. goal is even temp across the tires, after a lap perhaps two. -0.8 all 'round to start? check telemetry?

toe is way much. try 0.0/0.0? but you may prefer 0.0/-0.1 (F/R) …if powerful, being mid engine.

roll bars are backwards to me. some folks like them that way. I like mine ~55/45 on street cars. I don’t know anything about your build, but 22/18 (F/R) to start?

too much rear aero? I’d begin even, 100/100 (F/R) probably not above 110 in the rear for this car. YMMV.

too much differential and the acceleration is, in my experience, usually higher than the deceleration. 40/30 to start? or run it even lower (as previously suggested here) depends who aggressive you like it.

Recommendations based on what I’ve seen from the FTC tool which is based on physics

Really good base… look it up, give it a try.

right now I have car in A class I usually run Tsukuba for tune and time attack
here is my current setup 28.5/29
camber -1.2/-1.2
toe .2/-.2
caster 4.6
anti roll 25.60/33
springs 637/633
height low
damping 8.8/8.8 bump 4.1/4.2
aero 85/211brake
diff 18/31

I just ran a 1.03 on Tsukuba with A class NSX-R 05. with setup i just posted. only change toe R .-5 and Diff 18/9.
what do you guys mean to watch telemetry? for what

I need a build for a S class. and if u have time for a S class S2000