Need help from T10 member here. ? About gamertag progress

Hello, I’ll try to keep it short. I played Forza Horizon under my other gamertag HiroProtagunist. I bought all my DLC for the game under that GT and pretty much beat the game. However, I was wondering if you could transfer my Horizon one stats from my HiroProtagunist GT, to my main GT, Connectz. I feel with this progress added, I’d be a tier 8. I can still log into HiroProtagunist (my kids use that GT) if need be for proof.

I’ve even mentioned it before on the old forums when I posted photos that it was me (Connectz) posting photos from my HiroProtagunist GT.

Would you guys be able to help me with this?

Stats, DLC purchases, etc., cannot move between Xbox Live accounts, either by Playground Games, Turn 10 or Xbox Live.