Need help for wheel

So I’m thinking about selling my wheel (Logitech G920)

I’ve been trying for two days to tweak the settings and nothing feels good. I oversteer constantly and just don’t feel like I’m connected to the car. I’m losing hope.

If anyone here is willing to share their wheel settings so that I can have a good basis to practice with that would make me keep my wheel. Otherwise I’ll sell it…

I bought a g920 a couple of years ago, thinking naively that I would be immediately matching if not beating my existing lap times.

Thing is I’ve been playing forza on a controller since the first one, the game is pretty much optimised for using a controller - which suited me for a lot of years.

So I found I wasn’t just not matching, I was struggling to get a clean lap in cars I knew I could hot lap all day long on controller.

My wheel settings, I suspect are pretty stock, I adjusted the deadzone on the brake pedal as getting it to register full pressure requires a silly amount of force. I also adjusted the vibration setting down as found most threads seemed to suggest that was sensible/ advisable.

I do find some cars/ tunes are easier to drive than others - I tend to drive with no assists. However when I first started messing with the wheel, found STM to be the most useful assist - so could be worth trying with that on.

What car class are you tending to run in? Are you drifting or racing? I don’t drift (intentionally) so couldn’t help you there. I could point you to a couple of tunes I know have worked for me in the sort of c - a range if you want to try those and see how you get on.

I do better on my wheel these days but still swap to controller if I’m competing and getting frustrated with the car I’m using - the recent HLR Hot lap challenge is a good example of this.

It’s a decent wheel for the price, there are other games than Forza & I’ve used the wheel exclusively quite happily on those - so I wouldn’t necessarily get rid if there’s a chance you might pick some of those up in future.

There are many other racing games out there that you could use your wheel with. There’s also plenty of settings floating around that you could try, but just like every other racing game there are no perfect settings. Tweaking settings is a given when you own a ffb wheel. Some games are better than others with their ffb implementation, they are better at allowing a more global setting to be used for most cars, this is where forza suffers the most and i hope they work on this for future titles. My suggestion is find a setting that works best for the type of cars you use most and it wont be as annoying. Using some assists might also help keep you in control until your more comfortable. Use normal steering because its more forgiving then sim and if you need more aid use stability control.

Update : So right after writing this thread I went back to training on Forza and actually won my first race with the wheel. Then I won the race after and this(except for steering, it was in normal) time without going out of the track. I was playing with all assists off so I’m pretty satisfied (It doesn’t feel line I cheesed out that victory)

So I actually improved and I’m finally feeling it. I’ll train some more and see how that goes

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I need about 20 minutes with the wheel to start feeling comfortable with it, I tend to leave the AI st to Highly Skilled or Expert and try to have a decent tune.