Need drifting help

I just got into drifting literally yesterday. I’m not a fan of the Formula Drift stuff (too much HP). I built a new drift car, a 1969 Chevy Camaro. But, I need some help.

On some corners I take (Fortune Island Mountain), my car just bogs down and loses power. Like I will be taking a wide angle in 3rd gear and lose power and spin out.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this with tuning?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry for the question … but have you got traction control and stability control OFF?

Don’t be sorry for the question. I’m just trying to find help. I do have Traction and Stability control off. I always turn it off because I drag race as well.

I had 2 setups for the '69 ; one for AWD 799 for a particular event (something like classic muscle dirt) ; and the other for ice drag race …
anyway - I hacked it around for drift and it did ‘OK’ … I got 340k on the fortune island needle climb which isn’t too shabby.
Stock engine - maxed out
Drift suspension
Tyre pressures needed changing … on telemetry it showed they were running hot (lowering grip) …
It could do with more work - it doesn’t hold extreme angles very well… I did start playing with toe out and it did improve
It is just a bit lardy :slight_smile:

As far as bogging , maybe there is too much space between your gears ? I changed the gearing on my test mule
For drift setups I tend to compress the gears … for example … I will move 4th to where 3rd is currently … then put the 3rd gear halfway between the new 4th and old 2nd
This allows you more flexibility with gear ratio for any particular corner.
Also consider if you need to change the final drive - moving towards acceleration … you will lose out on top speed but you don’t need that

Sweet thanks for the help!

Shoot me an add and I’ll build a setup for you.