Need Drifting Advice…

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So, I’m trying to do the Forzathon Drift Challenge and I’m having a terrible time. I’m using the 2012 Porsche 911 GT2 RS with a Drifting Tune. The Challenge says “1 Lap” so I’m using the Nürburgring, but the best I could do was ~11,000. I either spin around (which negates the points) or hit a wall (which also negates the points).

Any tips, tricks, advice?

(I prefer to use the wheel, I’m not trying to become a master, just want to get the 15,000 points.)

delicacy is the key. Turn the wheel in the direction of the turn and tap the E brake button to kick the tail out. Apply just enough throttle to keep you on the edge of traction and apply little opposite lock by turning the steering wheel the opposite way, so you’re actually turning right on a left hander or turning left on a right hander. Too much gas and you’ll spin out, so be gentle. Also, try shallow drifting on the faster turns, speed is as important as the angle.

I took my Porsche 918 to Homestead Seattle on the oval track and managed eventually to get 15,000 in a single drift.

I’m no expert either, but I found the mid-engined AWD of the 918 a lot easier to handle than the tail happy 911s. The 2018 RS2 in standard homologated tune is easy enough to drift though.

If you’re having a lot of trouble with spinning out, turn on STM. It limits your drift score a little by keeping the car in line, but scoring a little less is better than not scoring at all. Going off the track also wipes your score, so try not to be too aggressive in the turns.

Good luck

An oval track will be much easier to get the points on than the nurburgring, just go fast and slide the car as long as you can in 2 turns you should be able to get the score pretty easily.

Also, using a lower DOR will make it easier and make sure to use normal steering and not simulation.

Come on blue advice for a lousy drifter not one who know what there doing like you oh drift king of FH3 how many leader boards for drift are you at or near the top.

I thought it was valid advice, nurburgring is very narrow and easy to make mistakes, were an oval you have way more room and you cover more ground much faster (points will accumulate WAY faster) and you don’t have to worry about doing transitions either. By using an oval the driver should only need to do 2 half decent drifts, much easier than a twisting circuit with multiple turns.

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Not bad advice if the person doing the drifting has some skill and can adviod spin out, it dose not take much to kill the drift score at all is why I suggested Dubi is fairly wide with a bunch of wide turns to rack up a bunch of 1,000 point drifts. Mind you if you get the 2 turns at top of hill you will bank about 20,000

This is what I did, managed to get the 15k on one bend, unfortunately I didn’t know I had to set up a drift event in free play so it didn’t trigger the achievement… Gonna have another go tonight. My chosen track was Homestead Seattle :0)

Ok yep some pointers change track to Dubi full is the first track sellection for Dubai make sure you have drift sellected in free play options set time to 5 minuits it should only take about 4 mins to do 1 lap drifting keep your drifts small on the 2 big loops give it a bit more welly but watch the wall 1 lap should give you a total of 20,000 points, I drift using the controller with Auto box AWD car tuned for a ton of power as this makes it easier to rack up points at lower speeds.

I used the Porscha Spider that you get for doing a showcase Tune is shared and is a nice car for us crappy drifters to use Can be used on auto even with TC still on but is better with TC turned off. It has a ton of power to get them wheels spinning.

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Same car that I used Alan, great advice too :0)

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Thank for the help.

I did turn Stability Management off, but I forgot to turn off Traction Control… do I need to do that too?

Oh god yes.


I personally think the whole drifting nonsense is disgusting. OTOH, I wanted the Speedster so a 944 Turbo and drift tune. Did it first lap on the Nordschliefe. Used a controller, probably easier than a wheel for this crap.

As Alan J T said above, change the track to Dubai. The Nurb may be longer but it’s track width (or lack thereof) makes it much harder to bank points because there’s a much higher chance of going off the track. Dubai gives you some length and a good mix of twisty bits up in the mountains and wide, flat roads in the city area where there’s little risk of going off the track.

I used the Cayman GT4 for the Challenge. The Cayman has just enough power where I can use the handbrake to bring the rear end out and maintain the drift with countersteer and close to full throttle without spinning out. You’ll also want to pull the handbrake and start turning in a little earlier than you normally would when racing normally.

TL;DR, wider track + less power = stay on track + no spining out

Personally, I think T10 should release another game for drifters but I wanted the Porshe. Did it on Nurburgring and once I saw 15’069 on the counter I went home. What is next week Billy Karts?


For farts sake, if you don’t like it, don’t do it. I hope they don’t have a F1 forzathon challenge, as I think those things are undriveable, but if they have one I’ll try it, and not come here to whine.

As for the challenge, I took the 2012 Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 (specialty dealer) and did 3 laps at maple valley, every lap was over 15k. I used manual WITH TCS and Stability both ON. I was doing about 2k every other corner without much trouble, maple valley allows for pretty good run-ups at speed and is wide enough to not worry about going into the grass.

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Why would you use a Porsche for drifting? Use an actual drift can and turn off all assist.

Because the Forzathon challenge called for it. Well, that’s the obvious reason, anyway.

Well mr Drift if you had read the post you would have seen the Words ForzaThon Drift Challenge this challenge called for a Porsche to be used not as you put it a real drift car funny about that here I wan a thinking you could use just about any car for drifting

You can rewind as much as you want. Blow a corner or go off track? Rewind and try again.

If you want to tune for your self, try some positive toe on the rear, and set diff accel at 100%, basically just look at the settings and set it towards oversteer.

Use the handbrake to initiate the drift.

There is no PI limit or anything, so add a bunch of powah to help break the rear end loose.

And manual shifting, no auto.

I did it with auto and no handbrake. Granted, that was with a controller. Maybe it’s harder to break loose and hold it with a wheel, but the handbrake more easily ends up in a spin in my experience. Didn’t do any special tuning, either. Just made sure there was lots of power and left it on stock tires.

And speaking of spinning, as someone who isn’t great at drifting myself, I couldn’t recommend trying to do it on an oval with banked turns.