Need an open source V12 Vantage S tune

Like the title says I need a good open source tune for the 2014 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S. I am going to be using it for a racing series so I need it built a certain way which is why I need the open source. I can’t get this thing tuned right and I was hoping someone else has gotten somewhere with it. If you have the M4 or 370Z those would also be appreciated. Any input would be great.

Can you post the build needed for these cars so a tune can be built around the build please.

|------- This would be required first.


My fault guys I wasn’t even thinking. Here’s the vantage.

2014 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S
A – 698
572 HP
463 LB-FT
3,649 LBS
Race Air Filter
Race Flywheel
Race Brakes
Race Spring and Dampers
Race Front and Rear Anti-Roll Bars
Race Roll Cage
Street Weight Reduction
Race Clutch
Race Transmission
Race Driveline
Race Differential
Sport Tire Widest Width
Any Wheel within PI and Weight

Should have also mentioned that we need the track you will be using it for

It will be used for numerous different tracks. I know that it should be adjusted for each track but I am no good at tuning so I usually just take a good tune and drive it the best I can on each track. Here’s what’s left of the series.

Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe Bugatti Circuit
Sonoma Raceway Full Circuit
Silverstone Racing Circuit Grand Prix Circuit
Homestead Road Circuit

Can you provide weight distribution and exact tire width?

We’re still waiting on the tires width or are they stock?

From his build, it’s mentioned as “widest” tires, thus…F275, R 355. Wt Dist @ 52% per T10 stats, based on base springs it’s 50.77%


Here is something you can try…I understand the build is per the league you are running it in, yet, there are so much better builds (ex. I would never use Race Flywheel, Clutch, Tranny, along with widest F tires…etc…). Yet, it is what it is, so, modify the following to suit your driving style.

3.62 // stock gears
873.1/846.6 (left springs stock, yet, could drop both to about 80% since they are a little stiff)
48/140 (your braking needs)

That’s it!