Need a 1969 Fairlady Z highway tune

I am looking for advice or a tune for my Fairlady Z, I have tuned it a little myself but I am not very good, as it stands I have it hitting 330km\h in top gear (6th) but it needs to be fast enough to beat a GT-R…or atleast keep up with one.

Any help would be appreciated and if your comments are going to be just laughing at me or being mean…save it for someone else, I am here for advice or to find the tuner from hell.

I am currently running:
3.2L I6 single turbo
Race tyres
Race springs
Front and rear anti-roll bars
Sports chassis reinforcement
Race weight reduction
Race diff

To get up to GTR Speeds you’ll need to swap in the v8. The 3.2L I6 wont cut it for your needs.

I can work on a tune a bit later if you would like.

Well I am trying to beat/keep up with a GTR that runs at lvl S2-920, I was hoping to do that using the 3.2L I6, but I get the feeling the GTR is faster then I think…Perhaps the best thing to do is to swap in the V8 and tune from there.

As for you making a tune, I will get back to you but I do appreciate the offer.

If you’re trying to keep up to the “R35” (2012 or 2017) the I6 won’t keep up for sure.

If you’re meaning the R32, 33, 34 then it should be possible with the 3.2L I6 or the 2.6L TT (RB26) engine.

Keep in mind though, the '69 Fairlady Z is one of those “limited” vehicles where it can’t be tuned past a certain speed.
In this case, (220ish MPH). Another example being the R32 GTR where it won’t go over 212 MPH no matter how well you try to tune it with its factory I6.

It is a R34 as far as I know, wouldn’t the R34 be lighter then the Fairlady giving it an extra advantage?

As I said I am pushing 330 kmh (not sure what that is in Mph) with the single turbo 3.2L I6 and it is possible to keep up with a RB26?

And as for it being a “limited” car, wouldn’t that refer more to the engine then the car?

Sorry for the questions, kind of a noob when it comes to tuning but trying to learn, maybe one day you can test out a tune for me?

The Fairlady is a lot lighter than the R34.

You can keep the 3.2L in or swap the RB26 into the fairlady. Either should keep up or win once tuned. (being sure it is an R34 you want to beat)

In some cases its the car, some it’s the engine. Or both.

In this case its a bit of both (depends which engine is used). I’ve setup a V8 in it but top speed is limited. But, that same V8 in a different car can hit 260+ MPH.

I can test out a tune or let you tune against/with me to see if you improve (if you prefer to tune your own car).

Also, are you looking to beat it in the drag race? Or like on the streets?

Sorry about the late response.

Glad the Fairlady is lighter, hopefully my tune is enough to keep up atleast.

Well I prefer to tune my own car but tuning against you could be good.

I want to beat it on a highway run, not sure how possible that is though.

And all good about response time, what is your gamertag so I can add you and we can get the tune battle underway.

My gamertag is the same as shown here.


Between your car and the one you’re looking to beat it’ll likely be a close race. We’ll see.

Ok awesome I have added you, I not sure when I will be on but will try to be asap.

Let’s just hope I got my tuning right lol.

Are you trying to make the Devil Z from Wangan Midnight?

Well “trying” is the key word here but yes I am, or atleast a Forza version.

I am amazed you know about Wangan Midnight, did you watch the Live Action movie or the anime series?

Games, movie and anime. All 3 for me.

Anyway this isn’t the game Shutoku Battle ZERO where u can accelerate a 1100+hp RB26 swapped Devil Z to 263mph in-game limiter in no time. By FH3 logic S30Z just has appalling high-end performance in comparison to most road cars, let alone the strong-high-end R35. There’s no power-to-weight comparison between cars to talk about in FH3.

So are you saying that there is no point in trying to make it? or that it is impossible to make in FH3?

To be blunt, yeah impossible even with V8 swap that allows 1000bhp. I also wish it could be strong but it just isn’t. In fact most old cars are weaker than new ones even at same PI. Turn 10 is doing it on purpose.

The fact that they are doing it on purpose is annoying, I guess I will let it the Devil Z go and work on a newer model car.