Natural stunt places on the map?

Hi, I dont know if this post is not kosher, but I like to practice doing stupid things with my cars in Forza. It’s like my main obsession. I love the game, the physics, the scenery. I will put on music and vibe to it while jumping over the castle or doing somersaults. I would like to know of any natural stunt spots in the map that are your favorites. I started playing this game in March 2020 so I could learn how to use a controller and be able to play online games with my kid, I’m still not the best at it, but I have lots of fun when I’m able to get online. I made a few videos, they are on my youtube channel. I am creating an art project from my capture footage. here are a couple of examples of what I mean. the first one I made for my friend’s band to help them promote their music. the second is just me vibing to RHCP while I practice my landings. feel free to check out the others if you like these. I am really hoping to hear about more cool spots to get crazy. (I also like jamming in the legoland stunt park and fortune island, so please if you have any favorites in those places I would love to know about them!)

Adult Prom - "Baby You're A Star" - YouTube “baby you’re a star”

FH4 Stunt Practice- Red Hot Chili Peppers-Snow - YouTube “snow”