NASTY's S-class LANCIA 037 (coming soon)

Hi all ,

As always I like to tune cars not assoisicted with the LB cars that are already there so I like to take cars from other classes and try and make them competitive .

Well I never thought the. LANCIA p37 as a dominate car in b-class would be amazing in S too!

It is I run a 6.51 on the ring in her today and was just a touch behind my f50 tune which amazed me .

I will have this tune finalised over the weekend at some point and then let you know but it’s monster and so much fun to drive it is a little stiff and unforgiving but that the same with most expert tunes it’s defiantly not for the faint hearted but well worth a go if you want something to blow a f50 away and leave them shocked in online lobby’s :slight_smile:

image by jethroburch1522, on Flickr