NASCAR rolling stop and go pitted? How?

I just replayed a race where my opponent and I entered the pits roughly the same time and as I’m watching my own car stop for several seconds the other car does a true stop and go…and literally passes me in the pits where I had entered it first. His pit was a second and mine was the normal 5-8 seconds.

Anyone know how this happened or was it a glitch? This was a live multi-player head to head.

Any chance this was at Homestead? It seems this happens to me about once a race there. There is a way to exploit this glitch. But, I have no idea how to do it. I had it happen to me once or twice but, I have no idea how I did it.

But, if it happens during a race there is hardly no way you are going to stay close to them. Usually you are several thousand feet behind them.

Did you happen to pause and check the leaderboard when you’re in the pits?

What effect does that have on a pit stop? Slower, faster?

If you go into the pits at high speed, and your pit stall is near the front of pit road, your car won’t stop. It’ll actually count it as a quick stop, despite your car never stopping and changing tires, taking on fuel, etc.

It happened to me last night. I went into the pits ahead of everyone else. The rest of the field stopped a lap or 2 later but when it was all said and done I was 5000 ft or so behind first. I check lap times after the race and we weren’t that far apart. If your stopped 3 or 4 seconds longer on pit road it makes a huge difference on the track. I actually closed the gap but just ran out of laps.

I actually did the quick stop glitch twice in a row about an hour ago. I think my pit stall was like second on pit lane and I came in fast and used the middle lane on pit road at Homestead and just kinda swerved into the pit stall and then back out. It worked twice. I was like 18th due to an accident at the start (imagine that) and was already way behind. When I got done with both stops I was out in 4th!! That is crazy. It needs to be fixed plain and simple.

And now that people have inadvertently explained how to do it, you better believe cheaters are gonna start exploiting it.

They have to get lucky and get the first few pit stalls. It’s not like all 24 people have the first few stalls. Also whats the cheat drive into the pits fast? Because I’m pretty sure most people hit pit lane as fast as possible on the ovals.

I’m pretty sure you don’t need one of the first few stalls.

Yeah, I am pretty sure you have to be in one of the nearest pit stalls. And I did explain it on purpose because why keep it a secret for the fortunate few? Actually it is for the fortunate few that actually contribute to the community or go digging for a answer. As well as explaining how I did it may help T10 in being able to fix it.

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I know I’m going to regret posting this, but I know for a fact if you pause the game while going down pit road, your car will coast forward just as if you paused on the track. I don’t have concrete proof, but I have to imagine this has a possibility of working.

Last time when the glitch happened to me I also pitted twice, went in with high speed and just did a drive through. After my 2 stops I felt guilty and wanted to give the others a chance by driving through a third time. Unfortunately I was to fast and hit the right wall of the pit lane. I then made a normal stop because I came in very slow and my pit stall was like 1st or 2nd. So I believe it is true that if your pit stall is at the beginning and you go in very fast you can avoid stopping.

Now comes the question though. How are the stalls assignments designated? In Nascar they are picked by the team in the order the driver’s qualified. Ex. If you qualify 1st you get to pick 1st, and then it goes on down the line to 40th place.

Although I cannot remember where I started the time I passed through. I also wonder if the “pass through” can happen to more than one player? Because like I stated my stall was second because that is where my car swerved. So could it be that it would work for the first stall too?

Also if consumption and damage was turned on this would be a non problem. With at least one QS mandatory. I may take that back though because I am pretty sure you can go all 15 laps at Homestead w/o needing fuel or tires. On the broken egg configuration though tire wear could be a problem. Or the damage part.

I did start pausing while in the pits. After reading this just to see what happens but, I didn’t see any advantage to it at all. I did like the the fact you could check the entire field for how many stops they made in the race thus far.

While on the subject of pausing I wish you could pause and be be ghosted so you can just go right thru the wrecks or wreckers that are in the middle of the track. The ghosting against wreckers would be fun. As well as ghosting while going thru a wreck a wrecker caused.