Nascar hoppers? help

New to forza and forums. I want to buy the NASCAR expansion but I heard it only has endurance hoppers. Is this true? Are there no other hoppers for the NASCAR expansion? Please tell me there are.

Is it true that the NASCAR expansion only has endurance hoppers? I want to buy but not if I can’t play shorter races

Are there more hoppers for the NASCAR expansion than endurance or is there only an endurance hopper?

Keep your money it’s dead anyway

Really? Are you serious? What about the hoppers?

i think you can use them in hoppers restricted to R900.

I had allot of fun With this expansion, and i said i wouldnt buy it because we have no such thing were i live… and it turned out to be quit fun.
the hoppers restricted to nascar only is quit dead so thats true… but you can race them online in Shorter races against other race cars but in the same class(max R900 Points, from R801-R900)
and its quit fun if you have others friends With the expansion. then you can set up Your own races With Your own rules between friends ore gamers. longer races With quick stops, short races on smaller tracks etc etc…

Hope this helps… i enjoyed it and still enjoys it :slight_smile:

Edit: you can also set up races against Drivatars (Maximum 6 Drivatar per player) in mulitplayer and choose nascar for division and then race againt AI With Your own rules… note that you only have 6 Drivatars pr player… so if you get a friend With the expansion to join you get 12 Drivatars to drive against if you want.(Drivatars are trained by real players as yourself to drive against others when you are offline and vise versa!)

Thank you. I was hoping for a oval only hopper or even a short race hopper. I really wanted to buy it but if it’s dead that’s upsetting. With NASCAR heat 45 days away I suppose I’ll wait and continue to playing x class. While this is depressing news, thanks for your honesty

sounds like Your best bet if you wanted nascar restricted hoppers only. there are League With nascars on ovals and other stuff, but League changes every week…
I must say the storyline to the nascar expansion is in my opnion the best storyline in FM6. Porsche was also great, but then again you need to like to drive ‘‘career’’ i olny do it for the achievements, but the storyline on nascar was great!! :slight_smile:

No probs… enjoy Your racing!

last I checked there were only about 100 people in elite Nascar league and they go for 2 weeks at a time. Wait until it is half price if you really want it. It’s a shame, same with Porsche stuff, very few people.

Well this sucks but thanks for the reply, grrrr I don’t understand how leagues even work yet

In the Pinnacle division for the Leagues, there’s only 2 with scores. Been trying for the past 3 weeks to run in the NASCAR Leagues, but since they bumped me up to Pinnacle, there’s nothing. Stuck with Ghost League, and whatever other ones they have next to it. I don’t do the Porsche ones.

But if you like NASCAR, then this pack is well worth it. I agree GamerBlades that the storyline is the best of all of the career modes.