Nascar Expansion

Could be faked, but you never know…

Edit: I brought this link to the front of the page to an article which gives credit to the original person who found the card.

Here is the back of it.

“Featuring 24 new cars from the 2016 season, new Multiplayer events, new display elements for improved drafting and car spotting, and a new destination, Homestead-Miami Speedway”


This looks to be a nice expansion given that all of that content will be all new to the Forza franchise. It’s a surprise to see that Microsoft was able to negotiate a license deal to make this expansion possible. All we are missing is a release date and the price for the expansion.

It’s $16, it says it on the front of the card in the tweet I linked.

Edit: well actually it will probably be around 18-20 U.S. dollars.

If it’s real, I don’t care about the price.


Likely 20 in US/Europe because pounds are a very strong currency.

fake obviously

I’m not saying I completely believe they got licensing for hundreds of sponsors, but please show me where this is “obviously fake.”


IF this is real, I’m a Forza follower for life.
Well, if it’s real, I’m STILL a Forza follower for life. lol


Well now with the picture of the back of the card it looks pretty legit to me.


It’s real alright as I read somewhere that a Microsoft representative tweeted that more details to come soon. I guess this will happen in early June sometime, being that Porsche EP was revealed on March 1, giving it a good 3 month interval of things.

I thought that the rights to NASCAR weren’t open.

That said, I know of three current racing games with NASCAR, one being NASCAR '15, the official NASCAR game, and the others being Gran Turismo 6 and Real Racing 3.

Should this expansion leak be true, this could knock off a highly-requested set of cars in the game, that being modern NASCAR cars. I hope that they are not all modern NASCAR cars and we have NASCAR cars from different eras.

I never trusted the Porsche leak to be true, and I suspect the same here.

Edit: Hey, this is my 600th post! B Class here I come lol.


NASCAR is trying to get it’s ratings & ticket sales back to the early 2000’s when they were at their highest… the economy bust really hurt ticket sales & this can be seen by looking in the stands, seeing empty seats at many race tracks… with that said… seeing how Forza is the most popular race game & NASCAR is looking to get back to it’s glory years… it’s a great business decision to team up with Turn 10/ Forza!


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Well hope it’s true, but I won’t get my hopes up yet.

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Yeayyyy another bone to keep us happy and forget about the many issues FM6 suffers since FM5. And they even dare to pick our pockets again !!!


If you don’t like the expansion packs, don’t buy them, they aren’t trying to “pick our pockets,” they don’t force feed you the expansion and take money out of your account

As for the leaked nascar info, I bet they will add it, it’s been one of the most highly requested cars on forza, I hope they add it because I’m a big nascar fan, if they add Talladega I’m gonna be so happy


Its a 3 gig download.

Who knows, it could come with a lot of new things. It says 24 new cars, a whole new track (which there could possibly be different layouts for) a whole new career section, and new improved game physics. The new game physics they talk about is the one thing that leads me to believe it could be fake. The porshe expansion was 2.41gb. Storm island for fh2 was 3.07 gb. So the size of the download is very believable.

Alright, I’ve been bouncing around different sites so maybe I’ve missed it, but where’s the part about new physics? I saw something about indicators for drafting and car positioning, but must have missed the physics part.

I think you mean “Boogity, boogity, boogity.”