NASCAR driving - need help!

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but I can’t seem to advance in the NASCAR world tour. I can’t even beat the first race at Homestead!

Anyone have any suggestions for good, clean NASCAR running?

As soon as the race starts AI drivers start passing me. I follow the line almost perfectly yet each time I come to a corner, it turns red telling me to slow down. So I get off the gas, sometimes I tap the brakes to slow down. As soon as I do either, the cars behind start passing me. It’s like their cars have a lot more downforce or something. Did I miss a setting somewhere? Or am I really just that bad at Forza NASCAR?

Anyone else struggling to get the hang of NASCAR/Forza? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

Don’t follow the brake line. It’s so wrong.

Don’t brake at Homestead. If you do you’ll lose momentum and the AI will draft and pass you like you’re standing still. Simply roll out the trottle a bit and at the apex floor it.


Make sure you are only turning left :slight_smile: lol. JK. Whats your difficulty? When I started mine I had the same issue and when I went to difficulty my opponents were set to unbeatable lol.

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NASCAR is a different breed, that’s for sure. As far as I’m concerned real NASCAR lives on ovals. They may race on road circuits from time to time, but nuts and bolts NASCAR is 20+ cars on an oval racing for 100 laps or more.

It’s there that the real nuances of NASCAR racing comes alive. It might look like a bunch of red necks all turning to the right (or left, depending on the track) for half a day but there’s a real science and strategy to it. Oval racing is all speed, momentum and your line. On the really fast ovals you’re never doing more than rolling on and off the throttle and concentrating on scrubbing off just as little speed as you can to get the car through a turn. Scrubbing is slowing. If your tires are sliding you’re not going as fast as you can.

Combine that with the fact that you’re in a 200mph ballet with 20 or more other 2800 pound dancing partners where you can literally be within arm’s reach of three or four other cars for several dozen laps. Passing has to be planned and mapped out. You have to line someone up for several laps for just one chance to get by him. If you blow it you might lose several places until you recover. The racing is that tight.

It’s extremely unusual for one driver to break away from the pack. A race takes hours and you have to nail every lap, and every corner perfectly. Combine that with tire wear, fuel consumption, drafting and pitting and there’s a lot of things to juggle.

When you’re on an oval your racing line is hugely important. You want to get through a corner not only in the shortest distance but in a way that will scrub off the least speed. Any speed you lose will take a while to gain back so only lose speed when you absolutely have to. Don’t blindly charge into a corner just to get by someone if ultimately you’ll lose speed. The races are generally long, people make mistakes and you’ll have plenty of time to get around someone to gain positions.

I’m learning myself, and I’m finding it a bit refreshing compared to the standard Forza fare.


The biggest piece of advice i can offer other than to learn when to disregard the racing line is to learn to be smooth in the corners. As the fella above me said its all about maintaining momentum. Losing even an MPH or two can have catastrophic consequences. Tap steering through a banked oval at 200 MPH will cause you to lose enough speed to lose ground that will be hard to make back up. Daytona for example. Full throttle from green to checker. I never have the stick full over. Smooth controlled movement, find the angle to hold through the corner, smooth small adjustments around the bottom of the track, and slow smooth movement back to center as you come out of the corner up to the wall. Learning that will help you in all forms of racing as well but is particularly important in NASCAR. Watch some videos on youtube to see what lines the drivers run as well.


Smooth and steady. It is gonna sound weird but, slower is faster. Back off early and wait until you feel the car take grip then back on the gas. Start out wide and go to middle of the corner down low next to the apron and around here you should be back on the gas. And if you start pushing left off a little until you think you can make it. Then back to gas and using this method you should be at about the same point as you started to turn in on just on the other side of course lol. This is the way I started using for the turns at Miami. IMO if you can do this you can then adjust for trouble or a passing opportunity. You can also do the opposite of this too. Shoot in low and let off and then let the car go up high about mid corner then sweep down low when you get grip.

Momentum, momentum, momentum. The racing line is useless in NASCAR, in my opinion. At least on the ovals it is. Maintain momentum and use drafting to get boosts. There isn’t any need for braking at Homestead, unless it is to avoid a collision.
Run enough practice laps to find a driving line that allows to remain on the throttle, or, at the most, lift for just a second on corner entry (if you miss your perfect mark).
You may need to lower the drivatar difficulty until you get the hang of it.



Thank you all for the great responses. There’s some really great, thoughtful stuff here. I honestly didn’t think any one would even respond. So I really appreciate it. As soon as the basketball game is over, I’m gonna get my NASCAR on and see if I can get any better! First things first, I need to check the drivitar setting. I have a feeling it’s on Unbeatable…

Idiot (me, not them)…


Cut corners and use other people as a brake seems to be the way to win in this game

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So wrong…


Yeah, try easing off the accelerator into the corners and easing onto the accelerator as you go out of the corners. You shouldn’t really need to brake at all unless you’ve done something wrong, or the guy in front has :stuck_out_tongue:

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The AI run impossible times at Homestead when set to Unbeatable. Watch the replay and pull up the telemetry, they never lift.


Here’s a tip that I am surprised nobody mentioned… Tune your car (if you haven’t yet)… It makes a HUGE difference. You can tune everything with a stock NASCAR Cup car, except the brakes. And it seems the tire pressure settings change the handling a bit more than with other cars. Which is the way it is in NASCAR. Drop the tire pressures by 1 pound, that makes a huge difference in how the car handles. But tune the car to iron out the sliding that these 3300 pound stock cars tend to do, and you’ll pick up time on your lap times.

That’s all I have for now. Good luck.


Not really surprising because the OP was asking for help with driving not wih tuning. Not trying to pick a fight because I almost talked about tuning too in my post. While on tuning subject aero will help a good bit with these cars too.

OP if you decide to tune the car. Do it before the race after you place mods in the slots. Because it will change how the car runs in the races too of course!

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Tuning does make a big difference. And this is from someone who is really not that good at tuning. By changing just a few things like tire pressure, toe in and camber it helped a lot. But, regarding the driving with nascar, what i find is that AIs seem to be way more aggressive than before. I’m at Passport to the World - series two and i just did yas marina race. It’s quite impossible to avoid the total carnage on the first turn. It was the same on bathurst too. And if you get wrecked too bad there is just no way you’ll catch up with the leaders. I play on “pro” with no assist but the braking line and i used to be able to finish top three quite easily but, i don’t know, seems to be way harder in nascar career.

For the initial subject, like every one mentionned, momentum is the key. Maintaining as much speed as possible through every turn and you want to exit each turn without tire sliding to gain as much speed as possible for the straight.

Tuning is essential for multiplayer, but in career, I find tuning makes the ovals /too/ easy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I have not figured that one either. Yesterday I did a simple quick tune at Daytona against unbeatable and was way faster than them. Was not even close to me.

To the OP at Daytona and to some extent Indy. When you need to slow a little bit just keep the throttle down and drag the brake until you get slowed up enough then just release the brake. You will lose less speed than having to let off the gas and trying to get back up to speed. This will help with not being able to bump draft.

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Dear OP, as an oval tuner for the last few years a few words of advice.

1: never follow the racing line on an oval circuit, stay tight in the corners and go to the wall on the straights.

2: never use the brakes to slow for the corners, a gentle lift and accelerate out of the corner, if you have to feather the throttle then do so, although you should try to maintain even pressure if possible.

3: for the ovals you should be able to whip the bots on unbeatable, the circuits are a little harder so start on experienced and just keep practising.

I am involved in a pure NASCAR community, and we are still trying to find ideal setups, the cars have limited add on parts compared to Forza 4, but they are very much easier to drive on an oval.

If you want you can message me and I’ll do a few laps with you, but I won’t be giving any any tuning secrets.

Like any class of high performance car, you got to show some determination, at p900 these cars throw out a lot of HP, and incredible torque, and not a lot of grip, time and patience is necessary, if you just want a tune for public lobby then I can point you in the right direction. I have experimented with some of the storefront tunes that claim to be fast, and they are sadly wanting.

As regards for racing at circuits like Watkins or Sonoma, I’m afraid like any race car you got to reach a minimum level before tuning, so you can drive a tuned car, after all, if you can’t drive it, how can you tune it?

Good luck, and have fun.

Great thoughts in this thread.

I would love to find an oval community that tunes the cars to be as realistic/sim-like as possible. Doing 250 mph around Homestead just isn’t realistic.

Lol, no worries there, even a fully de restricted race engine will only let you do about 240mph around the tri-oval.