Naka Designs

Hi to all, I decided to post some of my paints on here for any feedback. I am still learning and paint designs that are my own creations with a few replicas. Tell me what you think.

Gametag: sandstormatrix

77 by Gary Younkin, on Flickr
78 by Gary Younkin, on Flickr
48 by Gary Younkin, on Flickr

Had to change image hosting, I will be updating soon

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Hey there,

your designs looking good. My favourite one is the black RX-7 with the skull design :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work and maybe we meet ingame some day


Here is another one

Another one

1998 Nissan Silvia K’s Aero
AEM #232 Hosford Formula Drift

Looks good! My favorite is the Focus. The color scheme really fits the body!

Here is more designs

Feedback appreciated

Well done :+1:t2: “Pizza, Pizza” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hello all, here are some more designs