Mythbusters San Fran. drift

They did an episode Sat. on the myth that drifting was faster then the normal racing line and it was fun to watch Adam and Jamie to attempt to drift. First they did a 90 degree turn which Adam was able to match but not beat his racing line turn when drifting around the corner, then they did a hairpin turn with Jamie running the racing line & Adam drifting it and Adam was slower. And finally they made a course and again Adam drifted & Jamie did the racing line & Adam was able to match the time Jamie did not drifting. Now the thing is the pro drifter was slower then Adam. The thing is I think they would have given the myth a better chance had they have had a pro rally driver or even better a pro rally driver & the pro drifter.
so what do you guys think rally driver or drifter?

Some of the things they do are pretty good but some things they miss the point or the science or the whole thing, they are just stunt guys, not enough thinking and science behind it.

ummm they aren’t stunt guys, they are special effects experts
Adam has built models used in Star Wars
& Jamie built the 7UP drink machine for the 7UPcommercial

I thought Adam built that?

Nope - the Mountain Dew machine was Jamie’s creation. It was actually mentioned in an early episode of MB - think he was stealing parts from it or an idea he used on it.

errr googled looking for the myth where they used the soda shooting drink machine to help with a myth & realized I made one slight mistake, it was a 7up machine embarrassed face
i my defense they are both are mainly green

And neither is the best tasting drink either!

ZING! Take THAT, inferior soda flavours!

(actually 7up ain’t bad. It had lithium in it back in the day!)

OT: Rally Drivers and Pro Drifters are both masters of car control, but in this case I’d go with the Rally Driver.


Both can drift like it’s nothing, but the rally driver does it with an emphasis on speed.

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well I didn’t watch the espiode but, I know that its faster not to drift or racing would be drifting.

Exactly. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule but as a whole actual racing is going to be faster than drifting

I agree with that funky dunk 1977