My Xbox 360 controller does not work correctly with FH5 PC

Maybe someone has the same problem in FH5 PC, for some reason my Xbox 360 wired gamepad does not work well. Namely, the leftstick has huge dead zones. That is, if you direct the leftstick to the left or the upper left corner, then everything is fine on the map, everything works and the car turns. But if you direct the leftstick to the lower left corner, then everything is bad, the wheels do not turn, the sight does not move to this corner on the map, and if we talk about the movement of the leftstick to the right side, then everything is fine. For the sake of the test, I already thought the gamepad was dead, launched FH4, but no, everything works super there, there is no such problem. What’s what, what is the problem, who could have had the same, who fixed it?

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For what it’s worth, I’ve got an Xbox 360 controller here on PC and experience no issues - same operation in FH4 and FH5.
If you go to “Devices and Printers” in Control Panel, cright lick the controller, “Game controller settings” option on the menu, then click the “Properties” button you’ll get a handy debug/test window - are all the controls working as expected over the full range there?

in calibration and diagnostics everything is super, specially filmed everything and how it works in FH4 and how in FH5 and how it sees windows. The only thing is, FH4 I have a steam version, and FH5 Microsoft shop version

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I have the exact same problem with the deathzone on my xbox360 controller leftstick, which results in not being able to turn left with my cars.
For me it also works fine on FH4 (from Microsoft Store) and only appears in FH5. So far I couldn’t fix it. Hopefully the forza team can fix this soon.