My wallet is bleeding

Oh no Forza did it. I should not ever ask about Forza 7…
I get answer and buyed Forza 7 and Forza horizon 4 to PC/xboc One.
I played those little time…

And today I ordered new Rare Replay, Forza Horizon 3 to PC/Xbox and Halo Wars 2 xbox one
But that is not worst… I try avoud this generation consoles(I have PS2, PS3 and Xbox Orginal, Xbox 360 all have cool stuff like cameras better cables 2 x HDDVD drives, kinetic, guitars, mics for singing games, steering wheels etc…) I usually go rage with getting pherials.

… But today I buyed cheap Xbox one (Not S or X) and master Chief collection

I am weak… but I will have fun :slight_smile:

That’s how Forza works! And that’s the reason why devs should be very careful about Forza stuff…

It is weird. I have living room computer with dual GPU’s(With already Xbox one and PS4 controllers). Still I wanted normal xbox one. I loved additional features with 360 kinect and I will get kinect for xbox one too :slight_smile:

I love keep old consoles and games too. So backwardcombatibly in XboxOne is plus. Collecting games are fun. I remeber when I toss my old eletronics at legal scrapping place. I saw old PSone and Gran turismo one and two orginal cases with disc. I could no stop asking, can I get those to finalize my Gran Turismo collection. For Forza collection I need Forza 6 and Horizon 2.