My Vinyl created was copied and re-uploaded

Three of my Vinyl files created was being copied and re-uploaded as others’ creative. These 3 files name are “BAD” “BAD BLOODY” and “BLOOD”. And, the gamer tag who copied my Vinyls and re-uploaded as his own, he is: [Mod Edit - D].

Please investigate and remove my Vinyl created from [Mod Edit - D] creative hub, and ban him for doing this if possible. Your action is appreciated in this matter to protect the individual creativity.


The act of exposing the opponent’s gamertag is not recommended in the forum (even if that player is performing cheating).
Let’s send an e-mail with an image that will be evidence such as a screenshot of a vinyl group unlocked to
They confirm the facts and if they are legitimate, they will punish the player who made the misconduct.

And so why your GT and everyone’s are exposing here? E-mail? Now, you teach me how to attach a screenshot from Xbox console then e-mail? You are not helping!

Please submit a ticket regarding this matter here and the support team will look into this. Please provide the screenshots within the ticket.


YOU, again, why don’t you teach me how to attach a screenshot from Xbox console then e-mail? I am asking for SUPPORT, a real SUPPORT, not anybody loveS to chat here, post a comment, then earn pointsssssss. Come on!! Gooshhhh.

  • Take a screenshot on your console, wait for it to be uploaded to Xbox Live.
  • Head to
  • Enter your Gamertag.
  • Find your screenshot.
  • Download it (or grab the URL) and email it to them.

GOOD! A true SUPPORT give support in one straight answer to resolve all issues, You are not like SOMEBODY turn here turn there then turn ten without any proper answers. Keep up the good works. If my issue don’t get resolve, I will be back!