My Top 3 Most Wanted Hot Wheels Themed Liveries

1.These are in no specific order so let’s get straight to it. One of my favorite cars in the game is the Centenario. It is the cover car but I though the Reverb paint job would look amazing of course you would have to modify the paint job a little to have it fit but never the less it would still be amazing.Reverb

  1. The Pimped out Lamborghini Murcielago you get from the last midnight battle is by far my favorite car. Sadly there are no good paint jobs. If someone were to make this I send the $25 bucks. The Paint job for Synkro is awesome and being my favorite characters car having this paint job on this car would be heaven

  2. The Zenvo ST1 was introduced in the new DLC and it needs an awesome paint job. I thought a silencer paint job would look awesome.

Thanks for reading and if you make one of these PM me and let me know.

Offering real money is a no no. You may want to edit your request.