My take on Forza 5

So basically it comes down to this

you take Forza 4,rip out 75% of the game then polish the graphics up a bit.
You add 10 or 20 new cars while ripping out a couple hundred(?)
Rip out 75% of all tracks and u add bathurst and spa. let’s not even talk about Tilke’s [Mod Edit - Hieronymus (Profanity removed.)] creations.
The missing content from Forza 4 you add later as DLC and u make your customers pay loads to get the old content back.

Voila there you have Forza 5.

Well mine is being returned tommorow in Exchange for NBA 2K14.
seems the 2K people have a better understanding of making a next gen game!


You’re in for a really bad surprise with NBA 2K14. The game is a mess.

Reviews are good,and they didn’t rip out 75% of all content.that’s fine with me

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They could never release a NBA game with only 7-8 teams.

Reviews are good. They are good for BF4 too. Reviews are good for Forza 5.

But I guess what you wanted Turn 10 to do was what PD did with GT5. Fill Forza 5 with a ton of Xbox 360 content. Then you’d be in here complaining that you paid $500 for a “next gen” console to get last gen quality. Even before Nov 22nd it was known how many cars and tracks were going to be in the game. You could have saved yourself the trouble of having to return a game.

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Is this a goodbye post?

NBA 2K14 doesn’t have anywhere near the number of cars. I’m going over to their forum to post my rage, just has soon has I get done complaining that BF4 doesn’t have a livery editor.


Nearly done a lill ‘accident’ at that one, awesome!

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New console generation. They did not take FM4 and rip stuff out. They created FM5 on the new console and worked out what content they could convert from FM4 to FM5 in the time frame they had.

Understanding this does not make the gameplay any better for us but it is not the same as if FM5 was on the 360 and they had reduced the content levels. It is more complex than that.

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they didn’t, “rip” anything out. this is a completely new game. everything you see is either 100% new, or in some cases (bernese alps, for instance) dramatically revamped.

best of luck with your basketball game. you won’t be missed.

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Being 100 percent new is all fine and dandy. What really irks me is the fact they they’re mickle and diming us for what should have been included in the game in the first place.


i’ll respond by asking you the same question i’ve asked everyone else who shares your views: what would you have them do?
should they delay the game eternally until they have every variation of every car and every track ever made? that would mean Forza 5 would be coming out on the Xbox^5, in the year 2036. or, do you suggest they release free DLC until they have rebuilt every car from all the previous games, and many more besides? that might work well if socialism ever worked, but it doesn’t. so, it won’t. why would and/or should they continue to release more and more content if they won’t make any money for it? let’s apply this to another type of business: let’s say you run a car company. you release a car, and sell it to people. then, a few weeks later, you complete R&D on a new turbocharged engine for that same car. would you offer to your customers to upgrade to that engine for free? or, if you own a restaurant, would you make all the sides, drinks, appetizers, and deserts free? if you did, you wouldn’t own your business for long, and would soon be remembered as, “that nice guy who ran his business into the ground.”

personally, i am completely happy with what we got, when we got it. do i think it could use a few more tracks and cars? sure. will there be new content eventually? of course. will it be free? doubt it. should it be? no. could it be? sure, if T10 has a way of producing undetectable counterfeit bills, but i doubt it. do i think it will be absolutely 100% worth whatever they charge us for the nurburgring when it arrives? absolutely.

EDIT: also, what’s a mickle? disneyland money?

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Makes sense…But I hate finding bugs in my soup and this restaurant won’t take it back, it appears.

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Some of the “bugs” have already been removed from your proverbial “soup” and more are being fished out as we speak.
Honestly, I don’t expect any games to be bug free these days, because I can’t remember the last game I owned that didn’t have bugs. When you consider the amount of content and the fact that it’s all on a brand new platform, well, I’m sorry if you didn’t expect some bugs.
I will be honest, I didn’t expect such a streamlined game in FM5, but, with it being a new platform, more content would have equated to more bugs, so I’m just going to give it some time.
We have not really seen an increase in the price of games for several years. During that time, we did see the Xbox 360 reach its max capability and the push for DLC to add content and extend the life of games. I’m sure I am not the only one who noticed this as a sign of things to come. The industry is changing, evolving to meet the demands of the I Want It and I Want It Now generation. DLC is the logical tool for developers to use, so we might as well settle in and get used to it… Or take up bowling.

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Why are they nickel and diming us? Is that what you tell your cable/sat provider when you pay for any content beyond the basic package? How about your cell phone provider, do you complain to them because they charge you extra for more bandwith/data? What about when you buy a car, are all the options supposed to be included in the base price? Consider yourself well served that the ride lasted this long because the gaming industry is now pricing like other industries due to the online nature of the current systems.

Here is the deal folks: Producers of a game will have a budget for a title, developers will cram as much as they can into the game while keeping the title at a fair market price and the rest will be DLC. From now on you will be paying for the base product and adding content a la carte. They could include everything up front but then the game would cost $200 and people would be complaining about that. Like it or not, a la carte is here for good and unless you want to keep playing Super Mario Kart for free, there’s no running to another console, or game, or country so let’s move on please.

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Have a good time playing basketball seems a bit odd that you’d come here to announce something so minor. If you don’t like the game I get that but coming to a forum to announce your departure is that supposed to make T10 jump up and take notice? Because it won’t.

Are you hoping we talk you out of it? I doubt anyone here really cares enough.

I guess I don’t understand your purpose unless it is to just sort of toss a little hate and discontent out. If that is the case I kind of feel sorry for you.

Anyhow have fun

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Your opinion would be worth something if you knew anything about making games, but clearly you don’t so you’re just bending over and talking ignorantly out your rectum. They “took out” all that content because this isn’t an Xbox 360 game. All that content was last-gen content of last-gen quality. Xbox One doesn’t have a switch that the developers can flip that magically makes Xbox 360 car models and track models suddenly look like Xbox One material. This means that’s 500+ cars and dozens of tracks that you think they can rebuild all at once for this game. That’s just not realistic, and no developer has ever produced anywhere near that much content all at once for a single game. All those cars from the previous generation of Forza games were amassed slowly over the course of the generation, not all at once. Gran Turismo 5 took several years to built and only offered 220 or so cars with 800+ imported as-is from PlayStation 2, and GT6 just added a handful more, not several-hundred. Other racing games are doing good to offer you forty or fifty cars altogether.

Get yourself half a clue before you come on here crying like a fool.

@ Old Hippie To be honest, I can’t afford to eat at that restaurant at this time. But each day that I go by on my “dumpster diving” route, I look in the window and see what bugs have been removed from the menu. I gave my bowling ball and shoes away long ago…Have a good day!

5… $5…$5 footlongs… Februany any…
if we took 75% of these posts away, it wouldnt be so bad

People keep defending early dlc. Granted, its opinion but wow.

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