My stats are all messed up, I think

In my Stats menu it states that my Time Driven is 35 h 35:12. It says my Distance Driven is 3,091 miles.

In my Car History for these vehicles it shows this:

My Subaru BRZ has 121 h time driven and 15,501 miles
My Ariel Nomad has 104 h time driven and 6,800 miles
My Jaguar F-Type has 39 h time driven and 5,300 miles
My Jeep Renegade has 22 h time driven and 1,400 miles
My Lamborghini Murcielagao SV 2010 has 40 h time driven and 4,100 miles
My Polaris RZR has 6 h time driven and 300 miles
My Pontiac Trans Am has 8 h time driven and 608 miles
My Ram Runner has 5 h time driven and 438 miles

And that’s just the cars I use more often, I didn’t add every car I have used and i I have 246 cars at the moment.
These were my cars from the start, I either won them from the game itself or bought them in the autoshow.

Anybody else have this issue?

Yes, my Huracan HE has over 1,000 hours driven and over 135,000 miles which is plain absurd given that I’ve only been playing for 3 1/2 weeks, and many other cars are wrong too. This needs fixed!