My save game is gone from switching to a different xbox one

Ok im reposting this a second time because my original thread was deleted for no reason i can think of, but to my point that i took a vacation to texas and i brought my mobile data drive wity everything on my xbox over to a new system for the time being. But while syncing data it froze mid sync so to avoid the problem i stopped syncing because my last used data was local on my drive and i wasn’t worried about it but after waching my save get reset the local data got also was reset to a new game so in hopes of reversing the problem i deleted local data with the idea that the downloaded and re-snyced data would fix it. BUT WHAT THEY DIDN’T ALERT ME TO WAS THE FACT THE CLOUD DATA GOT RESET TOO! So now after owning all the dlc and the game from day 1 and putting 300+ hours into and collecting over 250 custom tuned & painted cars im now back one square one surrounded by problems and i can’t even enjoy my 200$ game. Seriously just why is this a issue in 2017

Microsoft support

it doesnt work that way, you cant take your local save with you,xb one game saves are stored on your console regardless if the game itself is on an external hd or not,youre only saving grace would be if your 1st console hasnt played the game online since this incident,if thats the case make sure youre offline , start up the game and if youre back to where you were before losing your stuff swap cars so game saves then quit game ,if you arent back to where you were disregard the rest it wont help… , reconnect internet,start up game again,after hitting A at main menu it will ask you to pick a save ,youll want to choose the console save (one on the left) then your console save will sync back to the cloud and all will be right again,if youve already been back online the only thing you can recover is any tunes /paints that youve shared by redownloading them from your storefront as these are stored server side and arent related to your save

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I chose my local save data on my drive when i wad prompted to choose what data to sync but that was reset to a blank start for no reason, i’ve had this problem before when switching drives at my neighbors house but this is the first time all my data has been reset on mass. Im comepletely dumbfounded by the fact of how little support there os for this issue nor why there arent failsafes to keep this from happening

This video is quite good explaining what can go wrong, and has done in your case.

again,your local data is not on your drive,it was on your xbox at home,picking local/console save on a new xbox is basically starting a new game and overwriting your cloud data,when playing on a different xbox you must always choose the cloud/xboxlive data when prompted and wait … a long time,I know you said that it seemed to freeze but you just gotta let it sit and be patient, the process could take hours,

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Yep it will take awhile I had an issue with FM6, it would not recognize the the complet download pack correctly, so had to deleat all download packs saved games from main drive and do a hard restart, then start FM6 and let it synchronize took 20 minuits all up to do.