My review on forza 5

Disclaimer - some of the things i write in this post maybe wrong, maybe i missed something or maybe i just simply didn’t see the feature i am discussing, so if i am wrong please tell me how or show me what I’ve missed. Also, the majority of things in this post are my personal opinions, if you don’t agree, don’t flame about it, feel free to post your opinions. I have had multiple xbox live accounts, this one was made when i got my xbox one as i no longer had my old account, so my stats may show i’ve only played forza 5 but i have infact played them all

The start
Going into forza was exciting, couldn’t wait to see what was next for the series, after playing every other forza i was finally getting my hands on the next edition in the series. i’d hardly looked into forza 5 before i got the game so didn’t know what to expect. Safe to say i regret it, not purely based on forza 5 but instead the combination of the xbox one and forza 5, if you go out only looking to get forza 5 for the xbox one, i personally don’t think its worth it, maybe in a few months once the price goes down.

The good
As much as i have many issues with the game somethings are stunning, the graphics (most of them anyway) are amazing, the cars look so realistic and the tracks are outstanding. i can’t begin to imagine how much time has gone into creating each track and its sub tracks. especially the airfield track, that is the ultimate playground for any petrol head, drifter, learner, racer or newbie. So for that, well done turn 10!

The tracks
The tracks that are in the game are purely amazing, they look so real and feel real. They have so much detail into each aspect of the track. However… there just simply isn’t enough of them while playing through the career i found myself playing the same tracks over and over just in different cars and soon got bored then stopped playing for a while. i understand it must take a lot of time to make the tracks but there should be more in a game of this caliber, if you wish be THE BEST racing game out there then you need to create a game that can be played for hours on end and still be fun. This isn’t directly about the tracks however the bystanders who stand and view the racers finally look real! instead of cardboard cut outs they look good, most people don’t pay attention to them but its little things that add up to make the game look better overall. besides the lack of tracks i can’t really comment much more as personally i think the ones that are in game now are great and couldn’t be better.

An idea for the tracks would be to plan more, tell us you plan to add them, make us excited by the them. But most of all, don’t destroy our wallets with them too.

The cars
again just like the tracks, whats in the game now is amazing. All of the graphics on the cars look outstanding, looking at a car in auto vista is mind-blowing. However there is still issues. First, some of the cars in game are sloppy things have been missed that simply shouldn’t have been, i wouldn’t be able to name them all as I’m sure I’ve missed some too but first the ariel atom v10, when you break or accelerate the drivers feet don’t move? okay most people don’t care or wouldn’t notice but that would make the game seem like you’ve put more effort into the creation, showing that you notice these things and want to make the effort to create the best racing game. Another is the ford escort RS cosworth, when changing gear the driver reaches down and moves a invisible gear stick, his hand clenches onto something that isn’t there or visible, it isn’t just in this car either I’m sure there is a few more cases of this happening, again its a small thing most people don’t notice but it just looks bad. Why put all the effort into these animations and graphics but rush the little parts?

Another issue with cars is the amount, just like tracks there isn’t enough. The ones that are in game are great, there is a fairly decent selection but personally think there needs too be more. I can’t stand the way the cars are done in this game, you release the game then release tons of DLC costing more than the console! i wouldn’t want to know how much I’ve spent on DLC for the previous forza games, and i admit it was probably worth it then but now i just have pointless DLC… the idea of a session pass to save money or even reward system for DLC for the players who previously had DLC would be more appealing to me and others in my opinion. Maybe if you’ve had two DLC’s in the past on previous forza games you could get two of the new DLC for a discounted price? just an idea. More cars need to be in the game to make it last, everyone has favourite cars and ones they drive more but exploring new cars and finding a car you like is difficult when you have removed half the cars form previous games.

Whats missing
Where are the endurance races? i absolutely loved those, not for everyone i know but for some they was good fun. Not exactly difficult to add either!
Car gifting? why can’t we gift cars anymore? i loved helping friends out or them helping me, or maybe sharing cars we enjoyed to drive…
Selling cars? what more is there to say, such a simple feature yet its not there!
Variation in level rewards? levelling up gives the same reward every time… 35k every time… why not add some variation?

What i expected, but maybe next time
Weather, there is slight variations in weather in forza now but there should be more. Rain, snow, ice and things… make the races interesting but possibly add the option to disable these for the ones who don’t want the racing experience to be spoiled by bad weather. Just imagine doing a endurance race and having to build a car capable of dealing with multiple weathers instead of just the blaring sun you have all the time. This also brings me to a side note, the sun, in third person looks great, but in first person personally i find it over powering and quite franking annoying! dull it down a little.

More tracks like the airfield, those are perfect for any driver… more tracks in that style would be awesome. Places to drift, drag and all sorts of petrol head fuelled fun.

Yes its a good game, do i recommend it? yes, just in a few months when you can get it cheaper and hopefully with new features/cars/tracks.
Rating: 7/10
Would i like my money back? Yes please.

To anyone who made it this far, thank you for the time.
If anyone from turn 10 actually takes the time to read this, i’d appreciate it if you took some of my ideas into consideration at least. Especailly regarding DLC packs for tracks and cars plus a session pass/vip system.



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A 7 out of 10 rating with a recommendation; yet, you want your money back? At the same time, so many inaccuracies in your review. Too confusing …


7/10 for the game… but to me, not worth £470 purely for the game as its the only reason i got an xbox one, thats why i want my money back.

Sorry but including the console to the game’s price is ridiculous.
Base your review on the game’s price tag.
If you bought the console only for this one game, it’s not the game’s fault.

I don’t find it a fair comment to include the price of a console into your “review” of a game. No other serious review would ever do this since the console is capable of playing many more games now, and massive numbers more in future. If you spent nearly £500 to be able to play one game and didn’t research it, well, I can only say I’ve never spent that kind of money on anything without knowing what I was going to get. To award a game 7/10 and in the he same paragraph state you want your money back is, frankly, laughable and you have essentially made a mockery of your own opinions.

Let us not be confused. This is no serious review and/or reviewer.

That may be true but you cannot deny he has valid points.

T10 is like the genius in school I am sure most people knew. Amazing at things that you cannot do or think of, but horribly miserable at the basics that everybody knows.

I’d say if you spent money on a console only for 1 game the fault lies with you. You make some good points but you lose me when you complain about spending so much on the chance 1 game would meet your expectations.

By doing what you did, not researching and finding out all of these things BEFORE you bought the console and game you have no one to blame but yourself and you have to realize you put a heavy burden on the game to make it worthwhile.

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So, would it be fair to say that if the next title update happens to patch buyer’s remorse, that would bump your review rating to an 8?

well i guess, i paid a lot for a game i expect more from, thats not turn 10’s fault completely as i paid a lot for an xbox one when i knew i only really wanted one game of it… at the same time i expected more from the game, with a season pass, more cars and tracks then yes i do feel the game could easily be a 8 or even 9

You make some good points yes, but I’m so sick of hear about the lack of cars. As of right now there are 225 Cars with at least what 40 more coming that we know of. When you own all of them and have driven all of them multiple times on all the track then you car complain about the lack of cars.

Forza 2 had 349 cars
Forza 3 had 500ish
Forza 4 had 600ish

Can you see the pattern with each release comes more cars and also better graphics as they learned how to get more out of the 360. You cant expect them you compete with previous Forza on the XBOX ONE as a launch title. The only way that would have happened is if FM5 wasnt a launch title and we waited 6-12 months for it. No thanks I’m fine with the number of cars and how amazing they look, and by the time they are done taking all my money I’m sure it will have 300ish cars.

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I agree with this. The cars and tracks look awesome, and I would also buy all the DLC if the core game had what all the other Forzas had (Gifting, SF and or AH, a in game overall leaderboard, user created joinable lobbys, able to resell cars in game, able to pick a career series and race a chosen race, a vote idiot out of lobby system that worked, walls that did not make you faster, tracks that couldn’t be cut on nearly every corner, more diverse hopper lobby’s to RACE! in)

As it is now the game doesn’t look like it will hold my attention for the usual 2 year span all the others did. That’s a shame because I have enjoyed Forza but not so much in its currant state.

This game is not tailor made for me obviously but I get the feeling those things I mentioned are pretty much universal

Cant say for sure as I KNOW NOTHING, but my guess is that we will get gifting, SF or AH, user lobbies, car sales thru AH, track patches, and more lobbies in the future thru game updates.

as for the career and only racing a chosen race you can do that after you race the whole series. I think that is fine finish the series and then go back and re-race if you wish.

So I would say to you play the game and hope the update comes before you have had enough, but if it doesnt check back now and then to see if they actually update it.

Did the OP make a mistake here by letting people know that in his enthusiasm for the Forza series, he went out, bought the Xbox One solely for Forza 5 and expecting it to have the depth of the previous games, was disappointed.

I think that Microsoft had to have Forza 5 released day one because it does move consoles. Sometimes it does feel like a new Ferrari that only has 300hp, you’re just missing some of the horsepower. Is 300hp enough for most people? You bet! But if you come to expect 650hp from the previous model, not so much.

People can pick and choose what they can live with or without, but the reality is it’s just missing a lot of content that people have come to expect. Content that extended the length of time that previous versions were played. I think that a lot of this review was fair, and I am looking forward to future updates to see how some of these issues will be addressed.


I agree its good
not great i give it a 5

I’d give it a 6/10 in it’s current form. Most likely when they’ve finished developing for FM5, all the DLCs are released and their focus is on FM6 that would likely go up to 8 or 9. I honestly feel that since FM5 was a day 1 game, it was a bit rushed. Well maybe rushed isn’t the right description but it’s very likely that there were many features originally planned that had to get trimmed out although there are a few things like search menus that feel incomplete.

This is my first Forza game and I have enough common sense to look back at the previous games and realize that it’s not in it’s final form. I also don’t mind DLC at all. Many hate it and many bash a game developer for it. Having worked in Q&A for a MMO game developer many years ago I understand fully what DLCs do for the game and the company. FM5 has a TON of online content and the upkeep on those servers is far from free. Even if it’s contracted out, which it likely is, it’s extremely expensive to do that. As an example: Once in a meeting the cost of the monthly upkeep for one out of the 6 server clusters was revealed to us at $15k. This was back in 2001. DLCs are a way to keep income flowing into the game to support those online features. There are other alternatives. I mean technically FM5 is a MMO by definition. Most MMOs have a monthly subscription fee or pay for DLC. FM5 chose DLC.

Even though you said

I can guarantee you that you will get your money’s worth out of the Xbox1. Just like you I purchased a PS3 many years ago solely for GT5. I didn’t care about console gaming because I am an avid PC gamer but the GT series was always my favorite when I was into consoles. GT5 wasn’t that great and I was disappointed however purchasing the PS3 opened me back up into console gaming and I assure you I never regretted that purchase…well other than not making the choice a 360 because I missed out on the glory of the Forza series. I have 3 games for the X1: FM5, AC4 and DR3(which I haven’t even installed). I only play FM5 because I also have AC4 on PC. I’ll likely not make another game purchase for quite a while because I imagine I’ll go the PC route for Thief, Titanfall and Dragon Age. That doesn’t make me feel at all like my money went to waste on the Xbone.

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I’d just like to say that almost every Forza has had some feature that was removed in the next iteration. I loved how Forza 1 would show you where each player was on the track while waiting for the players to finish the race. It was extremely helpful but removed I think in Forza 2.

I think it used to tell you when someone joined the lobby as well which is useful.

One way to get around the no endurance races is to do a free face or whatever its called and up the laps to 50.

Just like to clear this up seems as everyone isn’t happy about it… i understand I’m writing about the game, not the console, but if anyone plans to buy the console for the game, i was trying to say i personally wouldn’t.

i included the price of the console to try say ‘in my opinion, its not worth buying an xbox one just for forza’