My Ranked Adventure Dilemma

Ok, so… I have been playing in the ranked adventure, as I think I should be playing, with these 2 general rules…

  1. Race to the finish, as fast as I can.
  2. TRY not to impede/wreck other players. This also includes, hitting from behind, wall riding, trying to wreck someone just because they are on the other team, trying to wreck my own teammates.

With that said… it seems that very few people think as I do and number 2 is not on their list. I can understand some mistakes/bumps and even getting in the wrong type of car for the race and not being able to handle the car for the track, those issues I can understand, (heck, I am guilty of that from time to time), but for my last four or so,“Adventures” had larger vehicles that thought either their goal was to wreck everyone or forgot they weren’t in the “Games” version of online racing and trying to infect/de-flag me. Or, if by luck I got out ahead of them, then I had my own teammate wrecking me on the last turn, where he was in front, and took it a little fast, enough for me to get beside him, he then began to push me into the barrier wall on the finish line, stopping me in my tracks, where I had to back up to finish the race… 2 of the other team then finished before me, because of it.

So, I am debating with myself on what I should do about it…

  1. Stop playing Ranked Adventure, since it is not fun playing with a different set of rules as most other people. (maybe come back and try again if an update comes to address some of these issues)
  2. Give in, and assume, I should go into every race, with the concept of beat everyone at all costs. To me that would mean, find some decent bigger Trucks/jeeps/warthog/Hummer/SUV that can’t get pushed around, to easily and try racing with those for awhile. Or maybe just get a straight line dart and wall ride…

Any thoughts?

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I feel your pain. I have given up on the ranked races, the race only ones…
Seriously, in the first 30 seconds, I’m in 11th place and the idiot in 12th is on the other team and spends more time trying to slam me outside of a checkpoint than just passing me.
And this happens too often.
Being competitive is one thing but some people behave like its actual life or death.

Exactly that is the reason why I don’t play Team Adventures anymore. I only tried the unranked ones. I am not able to get to ranked ones as I have not completed enough normal ones.
My experience of this mode has been exactly the one you are describing. You don’t even have a chance to get in a front position if you try to drive in a normal, not ramming everybody way. Every other Player trys to ram you from the track most likely in front of a checkpoint. I have seen driver who clearly had their car not under control and were all over the track sliding from one side to the other, ramming and wallriding, and the best those guys won the race or placed on podium.

I can’t tell you what you should do. That is a decision which you have to find for yourself. I have made a desicison for myself: I will not play this mode until there is any solution from the developer.

I’ve just played 2 ranked adventures and it was nothing like what you described. One was a dirt championship and I used a rally monster. I was in the top 3 in all of the races and about 6th or 7th in the rushes. Maybe your just not very good.

What’s kinda funny is everyone on this forum claims to race with the OP’s etiquette, yet I seldom see this type of racing happening.

Must mean the forum is an extremely small percentage of the player base.

Unless you play with friends or a club you’re unlikely to find a lobby with like minded people. You’ve just got to adapt your driving and expect the worst. If you have that frame of mind before you start you can still have some enjoyable races.

I have, played in those kind of races also, but they are far and few between. As for my skill level, all I can say on that is that I have completed the game already (on pro), all achievements, all the stars, all houses, and trying to complete my car collection (only have the 2M+ cars left that I haven’t’ won in a reward/wheelspin). I wish they would make it so we can see each others reward/tier level’s but I have a 2860 out of 3000, for Horizon 4 and the only bars that are not full is for the achievements (20 short of the 1000), which is because of the barn find achievement issue and the days played, currently at 38/50. And usually, I place in the top half of the results, depending on the race type, ( I am still trying to find the car/tune I like for S2 Cross Country/offroad and S1 road racing.)

Usually, only people that come to a game/software forum, is people with issues/questions they can’t find the answers to elsewhere, that is if they even know that there is a forum to go to. Also, its way easier to notice the guy trying to wreck you, then the one who doesn’t. You don’t notice so much the guy that was behind you the whole race, not running into your rear or trying to spin/push you on a corner… you just say/think that you out raced that guy behind you and won. That one or two (and yes sometimes more) guys that race rough, ruin it for everyone and make people think that everybody is doing that. IMO.

I think you’re right about only noticing the worst of the drivers. Like I say, if you don’t expect to have a clean you’ll be surprised how often you get one. I just try to keep myself out of trouble as much as I can without taking myself out the game. I remember online racing when cars going the wrong way weren’t ghosted. You young uns know nowt.

It’s definitely a crap shoot. I’very had some very well raced adventures, and some that have been an absolute mess. I’ve learned to enjoy the competitive matches, and just make it through those demolition derbies.

For me the bigger concerns are the changes that went into effect after the last update:

  1. There is no way to right your car if you end up on your side or top, or is you get stuck on an object like a rock.

  2. Now, if you miss a checkpoint, you don’talways get reset if you miss it. The 3 second timer just keeps repeating.