My Project Car (I'm back kinda)

Well seeing how I have not been posting since I want to say late 2012, I wanted to see how the drift lounge was going. I see it’s a little dead, but either way, I wanted to come back on and show what I’m working on. Now I don’t know if the rules changed with posting pics of your real life cars or not, but I feel I want to share this with different people other than facebook and instagram. Now if I’m not mistaking, not too many people are fans of this car in the dl. It’s cool though, because it tends to grow on you like it did me when I hit 153mph on the highway with a stock motor. Good times lol. Here are a few pics of the car. Since I’m typing on my tablet, I have to go back and forth with the edit button lol cause I’ll lose all of what I just typed.
My 2004 350Z:

Usually I change my oil, but this was the only day I got lazy lol.

Cars and Coffee in Hopemills, NC

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Pics updated, will have pics of car parts sometime this week.

Cool Z! Getting addicted to mods like the rest of us? lol. Personally, I like them a lot. Is it manual?

Might not be my favorite car but boy i would love to own one. LOOKS GREAT DUDE! (:

@Doom, unfortunately, it’s not, but I am converting it next year. Just acquiring the parts slowly.
@Rocker, thanks man.