My photos.

I have played Forza Horizon 3 for about a year now and became fed up with grinding the game for new cars, so recently I started taking pictures of cars with landscapes, hope you like them! They are on the Xbox game DVR, I will leave a link that is direct to my Forza screenshots since I forgot to save them to my Forza gallery.

These pictures are pretty good! Try using some different angles, the back of the car theme got a tab boring. But keep up the good work, good places to take pictures, and perfectly timed weather and sunsets!

I think you will become very good, very fast!

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Thanks! I will try to get more angles, especially the side and front, but for now, I might have to wait for a little longer to take photos as my progress was reset, but I’ll try my best! Next time I’ll save my photos and easily upload them :slight_smile:

Yes, i am very sorry, this has happened to me to, my game reset and there was nothing i could do about it! Thanks for taking onboard my opinions and constructive criticism openly. Others don’t like to hear ways they can improve and think they are perfect! Which platform are you playing on btw (PC or XB1). On PC, there is a limit of 100 pictures that you can take, which is really annoying, as i have to delete images to take new ones. I was wondering if XB1 also has this limit, but have no-one that plays on XB1 and has reached this amount of photos. If you look at this post it will teach you how to directly upload images straight into the thread, this is great if you want to use it - How to upload photos using Flickr - Forzatography - Forza Motorsport Forums

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Thanks, this actually helped, I’ve never used Flickr before. I play on Xbox One and I’m not really sure if there’s a limit as I don’t really have many photos saved, they are all game capture footage/screenshots. If I ever find out I’ll let you know.

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I’m not sure but i don’t think you have, but if you would like you could check out my galleries? I would really appreciate if you could have a look at my images and give my some feedback on my pictures that i take!


Flickr - About BugattiBreno | Flickr

Forza - Forza Motorsport


Nice Photos man! I personally use LightShot so I can get pictures at any time easier, but also because I don’t get splash marks :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey KaBOOM711,

I do own photoshop so i could get rid of the watermarks in the corner, but prefer to keep them there because i like them.
Thanks, im gald you like my pictures! I am going to be starting up my own gallery thread page soon - so stay tuned for that!

Thanks for the feedback mate, appreciate it