My photos have been deleted off Forza Gallery?

Is there any way of recovering them without access to my Xbox? I had uploaded a few a month or two ago and now they’ve all disapeared.

I’m not sure. Maybe it was just the gallery messing up? Can you get them now? Sorry I can’t be of more help.

I also can’t get mine from here on the site. I’m hoping it’s just a server thing and will be remedied soon.

Well it worked for a couple days, and now the gallery on the website doesn’t show any of my photos. Just two from back on Forza 4. Ugh. Come on guys, get it sorted please!

Same problem with me. Two days ago, could get any photos from Forza 5, 6, or Horizon 3 to load. This morning fine. Two hours ago fine. Just tried to find a photo I’d only just shared, nothing. Something really weird is happening. Hope it’s sorted soon.

Same issue here. On Forza hub xbone app or this website, neither shows my fm6 photos. Only horizon2 photos are showing up and one fm5 photo. Noticed this a few days ago and still seems to be broken.

the same problem again

I can’t get my Forza 6 pictures either. All I have is my Forza Horizon 2 and my old Forza 3 pictures. Seriously, what is going on with the gallery?

Just found the same issue, and from other posts can see this has been a problem for a couple of weeks. Anyone know if it’s been acknowledged or an ETA for a fix?

I have not heard of any reply on this issue from turn10 or forza. Actually no news about the servers or online features being bugged or behaving strangely lately. This must be related to the issue with drivers being parked on start line, even though they actually are racing. Yesterday i noticed one of the drivers was displaying as flying in the air, up with that helicopter and popping up around the track, messing up other drivers, and knocking in to barriers

just happened to me as well. Everything from FH2 forward is gone :frowning:

So much for them reading the forums. No one even knows if they know about the issue or not. I’ve had this problem intermittently for about 3 weeks now and it’s really stupid. Please fix it Turn 10!

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Yes , this issue is getting annoying now. Been happening now for several weeks since the release of Horizon 3 . It would help if somebody other than other community members could offer a reason for this .

i am just posting images like these and hope somebody looks into it, or at least tells us that they are working on it and know about it: