-Real time reflections in cockpit camera view, which is missing in Forza 5 formula cars its even more bizarre a still picture in the hood .
-, Car conversions , transmission for all cars .
-Auction house

  • DAMAGE in performace not only visual
    -i traded my ps2 for xbox only to play Forza Motorsport (1) Since then I followed all Forzas
    sorry for my bad english, i just want to play a better Forza ,

Horizon 2 will have mechanical damage you can toggle on to increase difficulty. Hopefully, the other things you’re looking for will be there too.

I bet a blinker system and the ability to toggle headlights would make it even more realistic.

Toggling headlights would be epic. I don’t really care about blinkers, though. Sort of unnecessary in a racing game.

I’ve always wanted this in a racing game.
Driver (the original) had turn signals that would come on automatically when you turn at low speeds, but I don’t know of any games where you can turn them on manually.

It would be kinda pointless in a racing game like this, but it would be nice to have if you get tired of drivin’ all crazy-like.

Having traction control on a button would be nice, too.

The lighting on the cars at night. In Forza Horizon the cars headlights and taillights were a little bit blurry. In real life when you are close to a car the tailights are not that blurry, but when your far away from a car they get blurry. Also I drove a Cadillac CTS in Horizon and the lights did not match up at night like a real Cadillac CTS Coupe. I hoping to see the LED taillights that they use, but I guess that’s why there is not a lot of Caddy’s in the game.

i hope forza horizon 2 will be a lot like test drive (?). what is that open world game on the 360 almost sure it is named test drive.

Theres a wishlist thread lol

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As the car was speeding in the rain i notice that the water drops on the car hood wasn’t moving at all up the hood. it would be nice to see some more realism on that.


this was brought up in another thread but its worth pointing out here too, modded low end cars. if this going to be a street racing game cars like mitsubishi mirage cyborg’s and toyota corolla’s are a must. mostly cars which were manufactured throughout the nineties.

I would have both Colorado & the new regions in the Med linked to ‘teleport’ from one to the other and link garages from Forza 3/4/FH to FH2 and F5 to FH2 so that they can interchange cars. ( I know there is a link for the combining garages!!!
Other than that I can wait and see!!! I am getting the XB1 & XBOX 360 version!

I would request the option of turning of post-race animations or the ability to at least skip them by tapping A because they waste time and I don’t really want to watch it 20 times everyday.

People are moaning about such stupid things like headlights and the way rain runs down the car, theres more serious things we need to worry about, I mean yer it is only a game but if im going to be worried about anything its the size of the map which has already been confirmed to be much bigger and I hope playground havent used to much of turn10’s technology of forza 5 because the drifting is way to hard (realistic) in a rear wheel drive car on forza 5 compared to horizon 1 which some may say they prefer it being more realistic because its more rewarding blah blah blah but to be honest i want it to be easy (not need for speed easy) but horizon 1 easy specially after paying all this money for everything i want to be able to smile when i do something good not get annoyed because i cant

ANSWER FOR THIS: HAVE A SETTING TO CHANGE IT MAYBE (just an idea either way im buying the game)

Also we definitely need to be able to sell cars which is one reply someone posted that i do agree with which again im sure playground are savvy enough to put that option in horizon 2 as im sure customers will be raging (me being one of them)