My Opinion On FH5 as a Forza / Car Game Lover

Hey :slight_smile:

im not the Type to Write on Forums or stuff but i would like to give my opinion and thoughts on FH5 and i hope somebody of the staff sees and reads it. Firstly im sorry for my poor English im from Germany. i Gonna keep it as short as possible :slight_smile:

Location: I like the new Location Mexico im Glad i dont have to see the Grey over Grey that i see every Day here in Germany. The Overall Foliage and the Looks are Great. Would have liked it a little bit Bigger but Bigger isnt always better.

Graphics: i dont know if i understood right in the Forza Letsgo Livestreams but i think FH5 uses the old Engine just like in FH4. I think Graphics are great altough its from the old Engine . I Like that its very Vibrant and Brightfull. cant wait to see FH6 and FM7 Engine Coming.

Sound: Ambients are Beautifully made i really like it. Car Sounds are an Improvement but i think thats still one of the main Factor what needs to be fixed i think. The Cars Sound very “Digital” and “polished” ( Its Hard to Describe ) I think the overall Roughness/Agressiveness/Vibrance and the overall Volumetric needs to be elevated. Just like the Backfire/Explosion/Turbo Flutter Sounds are again very quiet and dont have alot of Variety. Same as with the Overall Feeling of the Acceleration. When ur in an 1200+Hp GTR R32 or an 1600 HP Mk4 Supra you dont Feel the Acceleration Really well. The Turbo Lag just isnt there , it again, feels very Digital and polished. I understand if you want a smooth ride in an Golf 4 or smth and i also understand its an Arcady Game but when you ride an 1200+ Japan Powerhouse you should feel it. The Numbers Kmh/mph wise are there but the Player isnt feeling it. I mean when you look at an Youtube video of an 1000+ R32 you sureley know what i mean :slight_smile:

Car Variety: I think alot of Players as i read wish more Cars and more Basic Cars that you can Transfer into High Performance Cars. I know there were Problems with Licensing so that some Car Manufactures couldnt make it in the Game. I would have liked to see more Basic Cars and a Bigger Variety of Overall Cars not “only” Hypercars

Customization: I like that some Car Parts are changing Car Sounds etc. but i think Overall Car Customization should be more Improved Engine/Bodykit Wise

Online Freeroam: in an Forza Letsgo Livestream it was said that The Freeroam always feels very Full and Lived no Matter where you are because ur not in an Lobby anymore. I dont feel that way at all. In FH4 you were Capable to Gather with alot of People and just drive up and down the Highway. In FH5 i always feel like in an Singleplayer Game. You see other Players here and there Somewhere but they are either far away lot of the times and the Count of Playernames that i see on the HUD wasnt going over 10 at any given Time. I would have liked to be in a very lived on , Full World to Gather with alot of Players and just have fun in Freeroam.

Over all FH5 is surely an Improvement and i like the Graphics and the overall Feeling of the Game.Car/Sound Wise i would like to see Improvement . I think Forza Horizon is an Arcady Game where you will be Placed in an Beautiful World you can Explore by your Self with Great Cars and the Overall Car Culture Worldwide in Mind.

Thanks for Reading if you did and Have a Great Day :slight_smile: