My Open Source Indycar tune for Long Beach challenge

***Update - People asked me to share my tune because they could not find a good one shared. I have since worked on a v2 of the tune below which cut 0.7 off my time. But then I went looking for leaderboard times to see how good or bad my times were. Long story short there is a tune by TG Takumi for the #9 Honda DW12 that people should pick up. It is less lively than mine but way easier to get on the power out of turns and helped me cut around another 0.8 from my time. Still about 2 secs behind Takumi lol.

So my recommendation is try TG Takumi’s tune for the #9 Honda DW12. It is called Longbeach from memory.***

Some have asked for my tune so here it is with the latest gearing that will work with clutch plus tcs both off the line and for final turn. This has not been tested without TCS.

Tyre pressure 29.0 / 29.0
Final Drive 4.12
1st: 2.54
2nd: 2.07
3rd: 1.74
4th: 1.48
5th: 1.26
6th: 1.09
Camber -2.2 / -2.0
Toe 0.2 / 0.1 (yes both positive)
Caster 7.0
ARBs 1/40
Springs 420/558
Height 2.5 / 2.6
Rebound 8.9 / 11.9
Bump 3.5 / 4.0
Aero 551 / 827
Brakes 48% / 105%
Diff 35/10

I used TCS and for most corners I dropped to 1st gear. Also I did not use clutch.

Thankyou!! I’m dying for a good indycar tune!! Seems like besides this new track, everyone forgot about them… I’m sure i speak for nost ppl wen i say id rather build my own then download somebody elses. Sure the leaderboard tunes are fast, but wheres the fun in that. I’m guessin this can be tweaked for a good base tune, but do you have anything for some of the higher speed tracks like spa or road amerca?? I’m trying to get into tuning, but i just dont “get” it yet.

I don’t have any tunes for the quicker tracks. I would need to test and to be honest even the tune above I am already tweaking lol.

For the quicker tracks I would start with above but shift each gear towards top speed. I would then see how the handling is.

I am a little drained at the moment but will try to look at those tracks soon.

That’s a really good tune, I raced in the Long Beach Challenge with it and it was really fun to drive

I have updated the OP. I found a tune for the #9 Honda DW12 by TG Takumi that is an easy drive. Worth looking at. From memory it is called Longbeach.

I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but I like driving the indycars around, it just seems like with the base tunes their slugs… I compare the times ppl are getting to real life and iracing and it seems like theres a lot of room for improvement. With the F1 car so overpowed, you would think theres potential for the dallara. I mean on some tunes the F1 car hits well almost 10gs!! Maybe more with a better player. I think in the drivatar stats section it says I hit 39 g’s once, which would turn the driver into pudding. Totally 150% percent a different animal I know, but being an open wheeler there’s gotta be a way to keep it from getting sucked in the outside of turns. With basic suspension settings I can tweak the tune to different tracks to get more speed out of it, which is why im loving all these open source tunes coming out.

oopsy on the dbl post

Takumi’s long beach tune is awesome. I’ve been using it in all tracks with a lot of success. I’m going to set another car with the above.

Couple questions. Is positive toe a common thing for Indy car tunes?

Ill run this this weekend and get back with you.
Really wish the formula cars had their own leaderboard. (GT cars and Indy cars, get swallowed up by the lotus and 70’s f1 cars. So it’s a bit difficult to see how you are doing. But I know that I know that I wasn’t leaving much time on the track in takumi’s execept a few tracks where I just felt like I was between gears on.

I can’t wait to give this tune a go.