My OEM Xbox360 wireless receiver does not work in Forza Horizon 4 after Windows update 2004!

I recently bought an xbox 360 receiver, works perfect on other games but when i try to play forza horizon 4 i ignores the controller and i can only play on mouse and keyboard, does anyone know any fixes?

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I use an xbox 360 wireless gamepad in my PC , before 10 days i installed the update 2004 for Windows 10 and my chinese OEM wireless receiver stopped working! (I have also an official MS receiver that is still working but has got a problem , it is disconnected all the time and is not usable anymore)
Then i searched on google and i found this soliution

I did all these steps and i made the OEM 360 wireless receiver to work again in any game i have tried so far…(in devices manager is detected as an official Microsfot 360 receiver + when i connect my offical wireless gamepad i can see the xbox360 icon in there)
Today i launched FH4 which is the only installed game right now on Xbox app and my Xbox360 gamepad is not detected ! But it normally works with all rest games on Steam , Uplay ect… Also i have 2 other 3rd party Chinese gamepads that support xinput drivers and FH4 normally detect them (but nothing convinces me like the classic xbox360 offical gamepad!) Also my preoblematic official xbox360 receiver normally detects my xbox360 in FH4…
Any idea how to fix it??

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Mine stops working every time windows updates. I just go in device manager find the device and reload the drivers again and it works every time.

This is what i did the first time i connected this OEM driver, i chose the offcial xbox360 driver throgh device manager for that OEM receiver and did perfectly worked until Windows 2004 arrives… After this the devices was not recognised despite i was trying to set the official xbox360 drivers… Then i did that trick shown in video above and it does work with any game , and the device is shown like an official xbox360 but in FH4 and i guess in all windows stores games like FM7 , FH3 (not installed) it does not work … Also it does not work works in Xobox console companion
where you should able to go around all option and start the games with any xinput gamepad… Also to note that when i plug into PC the offical Microsoft receiver of 360 controller FH4 is normally detecting it and works !(but this one has got a problem and is disconnected sooner or later which is very annoying so i dont use it anymore)

Guys any help , i cant fix it!

i had that problem a few weeks or a month ago, i tried everything.

I had to go back to windows version 1909 and it works perfect.

Sometimes i try again to check if is supported with no luck, and roll back again to 1909. I think is intentional from MS to force us to buy Xbox One Controller.

Oh shit ! Dude PC must be always updated , i dont want to go back in previous version , i am afraid you are right , MS intentionally did this to force you buy a XBOX1 controller… I only can find only used official xbox360 controller receiver here … So i will wait the arrival of new XBOX series X gamepad and i might go with it it convinces me and has any new feature cuase visually looks the same as xbox1 gamepad… Or i might go with new PS5 controller as it lloks more updated and modern…

I believe I found a fix for this. Just had exactly the same problem with the chinese xbox 360 wireless receiver, fixed that by modifying the old windows 7 driver, disabling driver signing, etc, and a couple of days ago found out I can’t use it in Forza anymore (or any other Windows Marketplace game).

I went back to device manager, and updated the driver again. Just go to update, browse my computer, let me pick…, and uncheck “show compatible hardware”, then select the wireless receiver driver that is actually digitally signed. You should now have a driver from 2019 instead of the much older modified driver. After a reboot, everything worked normally.

Really strange that this works, since it’s the same driver that we all tried installing before, but yeah it does seem to work if you do the workaround with the modified driver and then just replace it.

Does it work with all rest games ( for example on steam , origin ect) and also on Xbox app Microsfoft app and its games like Forza Horizon 4 ect?
Did you do all these steps of the video i upladed above so the chense receiver to work again cause it has stopped working after update 2004 … And you should mean windows 10 cause FH4 - Xbox app works only on W10 right?