My new gallery [FM6, FH4] C&C always welcome

Been enjoying my time in Forza as I always do, Photo mode is a welcome feature every time :smiley:

Nice! I especially like your muscle car shots. They just don’t get enough love around here.

Not enough muscle cars? That simply will not do!

Loving the autumn.

Love the top down R34 shot. It looks amazing but so simple at the same time. The fireworks shot is good to, but if it was me I would have zoomed in on the fireworks more just to put an emphasis on them, but great set overall. Well done :+1:

well, This website is not loading my gallery and the Forza HUB on pc isn’t working also. I could download my pics about 4 hours ago

Some nice shots and ideas developing. I particularly like the jeep shot. Much better lighting in the last set, perhaps a little too much contrast some of the earlier shots. Look forward to more.

Nice shots! I really like the feel in this one:

Thanks guys, feedback is awesome and I will try to apply everything to future shoots :smiley: race on!

wow very nice pictures… here’s one of mine… the skyline is part of the photo and mine

fan fiction/art of the upcoming expansion

please note:this is fan art and/or fiction