My list of big problems!

Hello, I been playing forza ever since the first game. I’m glad your updating the game and trying to fix it(something that shouldn’t of been a super issue at the start). There’s still things in the game that really needs work.(1) still no voting ! Why do you have to choose the class for us. I been playing ranked online and I had 4 s2 in a row, I dislike s2 but I we’ll still play it but there’s never a chance to choose or vote for a different class.(2) I enjoy the track creator a lot but it be nice if you guys can add in some features like walls, arrow signs, jumps, etc. It’s hard to make a decent track with using just check points. Please consider fixing, really love the new mode though. (3) can you please bring back the normal rivals please.! It’s very hard to tune the cars like I use to tune them in fh3. Specific cars is not amusing and the only class rivals I played was just the class type. Fh3 I was always playing rivals non stop. (4) you guys needs to fix the wall riders. I love the 30 second rule, that was such a great idea. But why not move the checkpoints just enough from the wall that you miss it if you wall ride. Just an idea…(5) you guys should add in b class asphalt and cross country. It’s still really fast driving. I enjoy it and I’m sure a lot of others enjoy b class as well. Anyways I really hope you take everyone’s complaints in consideration, we’ll the important ones. I enjoy your game I really do. Just too many changes. Thanks


What about some type of Penalty for people that Try an Try to Crash a Person out of a race… I mean everyone hits someone it can’t be helped. I’m just real sick of the people that for some reason think it a Demolition Derby. I am sure that nothing can or will be done about it just makes that game seem not worth playing. Not that I’m about to stop
playing just sayin. Yes U could not be more right the 30 sec rule they put in makes the start much better no doubt there at all. Just venting about the rest.
Also the Voting you mentioned sound like a super concept… Hope they take a look at what tou have said they are some Grand Idea’s…

good points overall. not having full class rivals is a huge miss on PG’s part. it’s a big part of the game that’s missing.

on your point 4: a wall riding fix is potentially in for the may update or most likely june

on 5) i believe they added B class in the april update though i havent seen it. i just had 4 A class dirt in succession. there seems to be very little randomizing class/environment. voting would definitely help here


I was aware that there was b class already. Just stun that it’s just dirt. Point I was trying to get across there was to bring the rest of the b class in. And thanks I’m a big forza guy but I feel they made to many changes

Brother you know I’ll come back to racing in FH4 when they do fix a lot of things in this game. I’ve been keeping busy with other games just hoping for improvements over here. Only time I have enjoyed playing FH4 was with you and other club members on your custom tracks.

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