My left stick doesn't respond causing me to crash

The only game this happens in is Forza. I would be in the middle of a swooping curve and all of a sudden I go off the track (regardless of my inputs). This happens very rarely but when it does its very frustrating.

Its almost as if the game no longer reads the thumb stick, but it normally correct itself as soon as I crash.

Anyone can help me?

There was a thread on this happening to other folks too.

Have you plugged your controller into the xbox to see if there is an update for the controller at all?

This was happening to me too. Occasionally the car would simply stop steering in a corner and go straight. It would also happen in other racing games as well. Even GTA. You only notice it in racing games due to the nature of steering. You won’t notice it in a shooter for example.

My opinion after a while of dealing with it was the controller. It was just worn. Instead of attempting to repair it I bought an elite controller and a 2 year warranty. Pricey but I have not had a single issue since. And the elite is worth it!! Alternatively, just get any new controller and see if the problem continues.

Lower your outside deadzone by 10, test it and see if it is still happening. If it is, lower by another 10 and test again. Wash, Rinse, Repeat…

This is exactly what I’ve done. If 90 outside doesn’t give you proper turning angles, go to 85.

One more thing: keeping steering on ‘normal’ is very important, because the cars will then turn properly (look at the cockpit wheel) and steering as well as counter-steering are equally balanced. On sim for some oddball reason, the counter-steering becomes twice as fast - it would not be possible to counter-steer and fishtail like that IRL.

If you can afford it, get a new controller and try it out(or borrow one to try from a friend). It very well could be an intermittent issue with the controller.

I have 3 controllers that suffer from this problem. 2 were purchased in the hopes that it would solve the problem. With so many people suffering from the same issue, I would bet that it’s a bug in the game that does not effect all users or possibly a design flaw in the component that processes controller input. What I find odd is that I have suffered from this annoyance since Forza 5 while alot of the people posting on the threads now are just now being effected by it. This fact leads me to believe that the latter would be the case. I find it more likely that, over time, a small percentage of Xbox consoles would start to suffer from minor hardware issues. I plan on purchasing another Xbox next February. It would be nice to have another Xbox to test my controllers on to further narrow down what might be happening.

That’s interesting.

Can the controllers be used with the USB cable(using a wired connection to the console)? I wonder if something is interfering with the wireless signal from the controller to the console that might be causing momentary dropout with the input.

I believe you’re experiencing the “dead steering bug”. What you need to do is reduce your outside deadzone in 5% increments. I keep mine at 95. If I still get issues, I reduce it to 90. Usually, you won’t need to reduce it further as it can introduce undue twitchiness in more powerful cars. I’ve read some keep it at 80 just to get proper turn angles.

It’s a controller issue only - thanks to the stupid aids that have been in the pad since FM3. I wish these aids were done away for good - I know speed sensitivity is needed to keep the car more tame (unlike PCARS), but it seriously robs away from the experience when you’re trying to drive a particular way, i.e. late braking and inducing oversteer. The driving feels like its on rails at time due to the restriction in turning angles and speed sensitivity.

Getting a wheel resolves all such issues.

If you’re unable to remedy the problem by cutting down the outside deadzone to even 85 or 80, try normal steering. That almost immediately feels better, as cars respond better to turn-in and mid-turn cornering, while not sliding unnecessarily. Forza suffers from involuntary sliding syndrome when you’re off-throttle and even tap the brakes lightly mid-corner (sim steering only). Grip just feels right in the front tires when using normal steering.

The more I play F6, the more I think sim steering just isn’t meant for the pad.