My issues thus far

Maybe others have had these issues so I’m sorry if this is re-posted. All these have been experienced in free play.

  1. The game lock ups and freezing that everyone seems to be experiencing
  2. The herky/jerky braking of the AI cars when approaching a corner
  3. After rewinding in the game the AI cars all turn in to crash into me and the other cars causing a huge pileup
  4. During a pit stop my car (controlled by the computer) runs into the wall and grinds against it getting stuck in a ditch on pit out (Road Atlanta)
  5. Not being able to see the pit lane exit after a pit stop
  6. Attempting to race at the Nurbugring GP circuit and the computer will only let you choose the Nordschlife circuit
  7. Cars loosing there tune when you switch to drive a different car
  8. Liveries being greyed out
  9. Cars in you garage revert back to stock wheels and having to go back to put them back on
  10. Setting up a division with PI and it wont include a particular car, then finally getting the right cars in the field and switching to different track and it wont include them again
  11. The sound of the 1995 C4 ZR1 is wrong
    Hopefully T10 is aware and that a fix is in the works.