My impressions of FH4 after one month...

I love the Forza Games. Started with FM3, and have played them all since.
My favourite Horizon is number 2, by far. I played it up to a 100% completion. Did I say I love that game? Hahaha…
FH3, on the other hand, I never finished it. Played it just for the fun of “driving” some of the cars in it. Though it is a nice game, to me it was not as fun as the previous one. I did enjoy the Blizzard Mountain DLC, though. The Hot Wheels one…meh.
FH3 has great graphics, great customization, great sound…and that’s it. No story whatsoever, no urging to finish it. No aim at all…
And I really didn’t enjoy the Australian setting that much.
FH4 is a different animal. I love the setting. The map is almost as good as FH2 (if not better), the cars handle great, and I enjoy driving around. I played the Demo, and it was an instant crush…bought the Ultimate Edition right away.
Now, afted one month, I have mixed feelings. I still love the game, I believe it has great potential…but I can’t get rid of the feeling that it was rushed.
Not that many races. Although the Route Creator can improve that, the developers should provide them all, and keep updating them. Not just Seasonal Events / Championships.
There’s a considerable number of bugs in the game; mainly with the sound. There’s always a time when the car engine just “freezes” at a given RPM, and won’t change.

And then it’s the Wheelspins…my God.
Why couldn’t they just do it like with the previous iterations?? In FH2 & FH3, if you had the VIP, you coul tell the difference. Now, I can’t. And that’s without mentioning the crappy prizes you get.
I now we get a significant number of wheelspins (regular and super), but c´mon!!
I have my Difficulty Bonus set at 110%, and already have about 8M Cr. Level near 100…and I can’t believe how lame the Wheelspin System has been setup for this game.
Why did they have to force us into liking those stupid “avatars”…I wanna race, not dance like a stereotyped teenager dressed with something that came out of Liberace’s closet.
Let people but the clothing from a different “store”, and give us car fans what we really want: Cars / Mods. / Credits…NO HORNS.

If the Developers are actually reading these Forums…then it is high time they started correcting their mistakes.


I’m getting really tired of people bashing the avatar and their corresponding rewards. Is it realistic for my guy to wear shorts and a tee shirt in the winter? No. I’m glad they gave us the ability to customize them. We have a bunch of different clothing items from professional to wacky and it’s great. Don’t like it? Don’t use it. It doesn’t take away from the game at all. The fact that people are mad because they’re wheel spin prizes is funny also, you didn’t get credits or cars even tho they’re in the spin and you still wouldn’t have landed on that prize to begin with? Thats tough. Horns is the same way. I would hate to have just a regular boring horn.


Maybe you like having a car with a Windows XP sounding horn. I don’t…and specially since I almost never use the car’s horn.
Hence, it is a waste of Wheelspins. Avatar is as much fun as it was in FH2 and FH3, which is almost none. I think it is cool that you can choose one, but i wished they’d given us more ways to customise it (as facial hair, for example), instead of lousy clothes.
Perhaps you like dressing like Elton John, and I would never judge you…but in a RACING game, let me have RACING related prizes…