My Ideas For Forza Horizon 5

Just some ideas for Forza Horizon 5, and also to make sure that the game has lasting appeal.

1/ Post Apocalypse. It would be great to have all of the buildings falling apart, broken, girders showing, rubble everywhere, broken windows, broken statues.
2/ Beat the nuke: A bomb goes off, you have to outrun the blast before the shockwave hits you.
3/ Fix the auctions they are broken. People are buying out the cars, selling them at the VIP level, means I can’t paint the cars.
4/ Text Editor: Apply Vinyl could do with a vinyl text Editor. You don’t want to spend ages adding 1 letter at a time.
5/ Wheelspin: Win a Super Wheelspin
6/ Zombies
7/ Demolition Derby
8/ Title: Forza Apocalypse
9/ Trailer: I Feel Love by Blue Man Group to Apocalyptic backdrop.

Ok so that’s what I think.

All suggestions & feedback should be submitted via a ticket.