My Idea of how to fix online races

I’ve thought about how to fix the online multiplayer crashes and problems on the first lap. My idea is to have collisions off for the fist lap so no one is screwed up by the person who ether misjudges there braking or deliberately does not brake this is my suggestion because at the moment online races are as broken as the F1 quali syatem.

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Not the fist person to suggest ghosting.

There are ghost leagues already. I just wish people would respect other drivers on the circuit. That would help out a lot more then ghosting in a race


This. Even if you ghost the first turn or two, or lap or whatever, people are just going to crash you later on… It really does simply break down to the fact that people just don’t care about anyone other than themselves. Even some of the fast guys won’t crash you intentionally but they won’t give room either… It all breaks down to respect and unfortunately there aren’t many people on the game that have it.


Keep dreaming. Thanks to you damage simulation is on now for all online leagues.

Not sure how it’s thanks to me? But sure I’ll take it what ever it is it’s my fault. :rolling eyes:

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The solution from an end user point of view is simple.

If Turn 10 do not have the staff to monitor every lobby (which is totally understandable) then let the players police their own lobbies.


Custom Public Lobbies.

Boot whoever plays up.

Obvioulsy the booting can be abused and certainly was in FH1 which I think was the last game where it was possible. I used to get booted for being too quick. Even when running my Impala in rally races lol.

But CPL is the solution. I doubt it will happen though because it will remove a large population from the leagues.


This is the best solution. It’s not going to happen but it’s the best solution regardless.

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I’m all for CPL, but that wouldn’t fix the problem in league events. I had some really good league racing the last two nights. Yes, there were a few intentional wrecks, but they were recorded, reported and then kicked or they got tired of being ignored. We had good use of chat (amazing) and people communicated well.
I think a lot of the wrecking is the result of beginners, frustrated fast racers and perception that a person was hit on purpose. All of these instances seem to lead to a revenge type of attitude, and it all goes downhill from there.
Last night in the D Class league, we discussed it in almost every lobby, and there were a couple of heated debates. But every race got better and by 1 am, our lobby was full of racers having a good time.
I would like to thank all of those folks for a great night of racing. I’m not near my Xbox, so I can’t remember all the gt’s who participated, but you all know who you are.


This is true, whoever since Leagues are split based on your rank, you would assume that people know what they’re doing in the higher Divisions.

The Hoppers you don’t have that luxury; I’m around Level 700 at the moment and sometimes that’s a higher Level than the Levels of everybody else in the room combined. I see a lot of people under L:evel 50 (sometimes under Level 20) in the R and P-Class Hoppers for example.

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Ghost is not based on skill when corners cutters get promoted cause of their winning percentage. It’s a mess now. They have destroyed Ghost Elite, they do not belong there.

All these ideas are good. The games complete carnage at the moment.

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I’d rather get kicked every now and then from a CPL than get wrecked 1000 times, or you can just be the host and you won’t get kicked. Simple. Everyone but corner cutters and quitters seems to have left the ghost leagues anyway. Leave it for them, I don’t care about the leagues if regular racing is clean. They can’t drive or win if they can’t cut on some tracks so they quit and sit in the lobby over and over again. A mid pack position becomes last, it’s terrible. I swear one guy didn’t finish a single race in 3 hours. lol


I was thinking of a solution to this in the leagues, I see a lot of regular people in the leagues and the majority of the regulars are clean and respectful so why not have some of the more trusted people being lobby moderators. Give them the power to boot out the people who are not playing the game as it should be. You could have a 3 strikes and you’re out policy. The moderator would have to send 3 warning messages to the guilty party and save the replays for T10s viewing. Give the mods some kind of symbol next to their name a bit like the T10 guys have, and I’m sure people seeing lobby moderators in their lobbies with the power to kick them, people, perhaps would eventually start to play nice.

Just an idea I was thinking of, I’m sure there are many reasons why this may not work but still something to think about.


I’ve tried the ghost leagues a couple times. I’m not sure if it’s just me but all the cars going through my cockpit really messes with my eyes and obscures the track. Ghost leagues are near impossible for me.



im definately behind CPLs but given that the issue was in FM5 and not in FM6. Not very hopeful.

Wouldn’t mind the moderator idea either. But can you imagine the backlash a mod would recieve.

There is clearly something wierd in the crash physics where the slightest tap makes car outrageously lose grip. Which only accentuates and promotes retaliation because the effect of contact are so bad.

It really comes down to player respecting one another and it is clear that there is little to none. Certainly a functioning game chat would help. That’s how a lot of persons changed their behavior in the past. But I think there really needs to be some sort of rating that shows clean - t10 needs to promote good behavior, respect in loading screens that are full page ads, promote race craft and learning. It’s just not there. I’m really at loss. It’s been amazingly bad I the lambo leagues and for what some duplicate huracans super trofeo cars.

When the racing is good it is the best thing ever. But man they are so far and few between in public lobbies. Smaller lobbies seem to be better on a whole. Not sure if this is due to anominty being lost. Or what. But smaller lobbies almost always end up cleaner. (Not a suggestion right now- just an observation for discussion)


My idea is “speed limits” in braking zones. If you enter into a braking zone at a speed that its impossible to make the turn then you get ghosted for that turn. Repeated infractions earns you a black flag (ghost the entire race) and you get a DNF with no points awarded.
The program already knows how fast you are going as indicated by the bright red racing line so that data is already available. The result would be the offender just continues right through and off the course and into the wall while the guy thats within the limit gets to continue on without being molested.
Remove that incentive to disrupt the race and the intentional crashers would soon be bored as there would be no one to crash into except for walls and barriers. It would also help eliminate the wannabe racers that use the car in front as a braking device too as they would be forced to slow enough to where they could actually make the turn without involving the car in front.

This system could then be tuned to where if a driver repeatedly comes into contact with other cars above a certain velocity outside of brake zones or set number of times they get the black flag treatment too.
Getting a black flag or drive through penalties is a part of actual racing but online there are no penalties and some have learned to use it to an advantage.

Only problem with that is the redline lies quite often.

Take Motorhead’s jag out for a spin. Often the red line is off by almost 100m and some of them it’s literally half the braking line.

Also a ghosted car is able to go faster then others that are not by going through the competition instead of waiting behind them. So I P class I go deep (make my braking) ghost and go through my competition. And off I go.

All for this though. Collisions are monitored and even two criterias. One is labeled major collisions. So it would be possible to count catalog and rate

Its a start and certainly doing more than the current doing next to nothing or leaving it up to one guy. The scenario you describe is fixable by adding a penalty (DNF/No Points) for multiple infractions and of course it would need to be fine tuned as I was just using the driving line as an example of the collected data. The software knows at what point a given car is over the limit as even the Jag you mention has one. The trick would be to anticipate the contact and even severity of the contact in order to let the lead guy continue his race and penalize the contactee. Of course there should be a difference between a tap and a slam.

Me? I’m voting for a fix with my wallet and as soon as my current 3 months are up I’m out of there. I’m not paying for a service that just gives brats access to annoy me. As long as its a money maker for MS and T10 they will leave it like it is. Dry up that stream and someone will go investigate as to why.

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Surely Turn 10 could implement a way to record how many collisions people are having? I mean the game still records impacts for Drivatar learning. So have the people who are showing higher than usual number of impacts dropped into an excel file that the staff can check, and then make sure those players are behaving themselves and if not, remove them from online play.

Well, considering the reporting of players pretty much went dead when Snowowl (an unpaid volunteer) was out of town for a few days, I would suspect that “keeping the peace” isn’t a high priority for Turn 10 at the moment.

As much as we like to complain about dirty racing, cleaning up the lobbies doesn’t generate sales as the people who are racing have already bought the game. We just have to (a) live with it or (b) play something else.

I am currently exercising option (b), getting my car fix from DiRT Rally and my Multiplayer enjoyment from Rocket League. Hopper Racing in Forza Motorsport 6 just isn’t fun anymore, and when I do boot the game up I get increasingly frustrated with the state of online racing.