My honest thoughts on forza motorsport 7

Well I’ve got just about 4 hours game play in so far, (not alot i know but i feel its enough to give a little review) :slight_smile:

To start with i just want to say im having one hell of a blast so far and t10 has done a great job, the overall game play is far better than previous forza motorsport games, the phisics are great as are the graphics too, but it isn’t perfect, the game has its slight problems as you would expect from a game that has just released but im pretty happy so far,
There is just a few problems that i think people need to know about, there nothing too serious so dont panic just yet haha
In certain races i get fps drop and tbh its pretty bad, its only in certain parts through the race but it noticeable i wouldn’t say it’s unplayable but its not good either, this is on xbox btw i am yet to test on my pc,

I’m a little disappointed in the paint/livery editor not because it doesn’t work but because its not changed, i know thats not a bad thing but its not a good thing, us painters have been asking for new features (i wont get in to what i want but if your a painter you will know what i mean)

The car collecting isn’t the best idea IMO, there is alot of cars missing from the buy car menu, Alot of the cars that are missing are only obtainable through prize crates, specialty dealer etc etc, (as far as I believe) to me this is the wrong way to go about it as alot of the cars missing from the buy car menu are really good cars imo, the car tier feature isn’t a bad idea as it gives the player something to work to but having cars hidden away and only available in certain ways is silly imo especially “launch cars”, but one good thing, when the auction house becomes available we should be able to buy them from people that who have obtained them but don’t want them.
Just to add they seem to call the missing cars “exclusive cars” according to the car collector menu

I hope this helps people in understanding the game a little better before purchasing it and i hope this sort of thing is aloud to be posted, i dont really do this sort of thing but I thought I would put my honest opinion here about the game

I know some may not agree with what i have said about the car collecting feature but i thought i would post my opinion about it


Just to update on the car collecting,
I have opened around 1 million cr worth of mixed prize crates (ones that include cars) and i have not obtained any of the locked exclusive content cars, when i go on the car collection menu and click on one of the locked cars its says the following

This exclusive content is only available through the following:

Prize crates
Specialty dealer
Completing the forza drivers cup
Completing show case event

Now every “exclusive” car i click on says the exact same message,
The one that interested me the most is “compleating the forza drivers cup” to me that sounds like if we complete all the series in the forza drivers cup we get all these locked cars unlocked to buy but the more likely way is some cars are obtained buy completing a series because you infact do receive a car when you complete one, so what i do think is that message the game gives is saying that the car is obtained by one of the following ways,
Sorry of im rambling on im just trying to solve this mystery haha

If anyone else has any imput on this or any information that would be great