My game cant launch after the the update 11

Hello guys, my game cant launch after the update 11, here’s what its happening: forza horizon 4 cant open - YouTube
My pc spec is i7 8700k, rtx 2080, g skill trident z 8gb x 4 2666, all the drivers is updated to latest version
Anyone have idea what can i do, i already re-installed fh4 and even windows 10
Or anyone have same thing

The current Update 11 Traditional Chinese version will flash back desktop.
Solution Modify the Windows language, Simplified Chinese or English can enter the game normally.

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so can we change back to T Chinese after playing?
Just change and restart?

oh damn… im using traditional chinese… anyway to change it

still cannot launch changing to English. Need to re-install?

  1. Windows Settings \ Time and Language \ Language
    2.&3. Add a custom language Select English-US or Simplified Chinese Installation (do not need to be set to the default language),

4 .&5. Change to the regional \ regional format to English - US or Simplified Chinese to enter the game,
leave the game and then change back to Traditional Chinese, do not need to reboot or reinstall the game.

I don’t know if the official has found a problem with the Traditional Chinese FH4 version update.


Thanks! got it, so we can’t play Traditional Chinese version now?

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Or you can just change Region & Format as English(US) and it won’t change the whole system language.

This update 11 the Traditional Chinese version of the file seems to be problematic.

Same problem here, I could start the game using the English settings though, Still Hope they could fix the problem,

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yeah same problem. mine is english UK

I have this exact same problem, I got further into the game after switching to English, but still game crash as I loaded further in SMH

Works for me thanks so much. At first nothing shows in seasonal reward page then it couldnt even launch. All fixed now. So weird and annoying.

ok i am try many times
i can play with china version
but not TAIWAN version

i got thee same problem

Or you can change the Region & format(地區與格式) as English(US), it won’t change your whole system language

you can run the game after update

seems fixed with today’s patch.
can switch back to traditional Chinese version now.