My Forza Hub is not updating ever since I played the game a week ago

So, I have been playing this game for a week now and my friend told me about the Forza Hub for some great rewards, so I check it out and register to it. My issue is that it’s not updated on my Hub despite the fact, I collected cars lately, leveling up, etc.

Is there someway to fix this issue if it’s possible? Thanks if anyone helps out :slight_smile:

Some of the sections can take a few days to a few weeks to update
Only thing that quickly updates is gamerscore…which can also take up to a week

Same. I completed like 3-4 car masteries but forza hub didn’t update. It’s best to post a ticket on Forza support page so the Devs are aware of this.

I’ve just submitted a ticket for that. I am sure this will get fixed soon.

Sometimes the hub updates your score very fast, sometimes it takes ages. Nonetheless, it’ll do its job if you’re patient.

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LOL, one week. You must be new :smiley: It could take several months and more for older games.

I also have problems with long update times. From time to time the update is fast, and sometimes it takes forever! It would be nice if the fixed the Forza hub!

Is there any way to see who many car masteries I have completed in FH4 in the game?

Couldn’t find a smarter way so I used to change the wheel colour on the car when I completed the tree…

My Forza Hub has been stuck on “Play on October 3rd” for FM7 for more than a year now. I play the game regularly, but the Hub never updates.

I suddenly jumped up to Tier 10 a few weeks back, after being stuck at Tier 9 for ages. I’m not entirely clear on all the criteria, but for the amount of time I put into this series, I have a feeling it should have happened sooner, and that I should be maybe around 11 or 12 by now.

I’m not too worried about it. I think it’s neat when game developers try to do something like this, and actually have a Web service that updates with your in-game progress. But it’s often treated like an afterthought, and sometimes doesn’t stick around. It’s just free credits, at the end of the day.