My Forza hates German cars! HELP!

So a few weeks back I tried repainting my 2015 Audi TT, I had a Redbull livery on it and wanted to change it to another color but pretty much as soon as I click the paint and decals button the game will lag and then close in like 4 seconds. And by the time I got back into the game, now, when I scroll over to my Audi TT, it is still there but the car model is just missing? Its a blank tab with a title. Now, I tried downloading the VW Golf R from the car pass and when I try to paint it and download it, the game lags and closes again! I tried restarting my PC, and verifying the files through steam, and even tried running the game as admin but it just wont work. This hasn’t happened to me with any other cars (yet) but I want to address this now cause I don’t know if this problem will ever go away or even get worse. Any help is appreciated.

Please see the README post above - crashing during painting is listed in the Known Issues related to NVIDIA drivers and ray tracing settings.

Thank you!

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