My FORZA 7 Review! The Good, Bad and the Ugly...

My FORZA 7 REVIEW - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly! (from a not-so-Multiplayer kind of guy :slight_smile: … who’s been playing since Forza 2 came out!)

-New cockpit view is fantastic, I already wish the old games had it. Excellent job on this one.
-LOVE the new loading algorithims in Free Play that save a HUGE amount of loading time when only switching a car (and staying put at the same track) - this allows for really quick tests on upgrades to cars or testing multiple cars quickly
-Good to hear some improved backfires, pops, and burble on overrun. This was always kind of missing from Forza. Well done on most cars.
-Hard to deny the graphics look fantastic
-Lap time/split time display information well done
-Good to be able to choose your reward during Driver Level Milestones (car, suit, or cash)
-Forza Drivers Cup well executed with good choices, options and showcases, seems short but pretty enjoyable and customizable
-I for one love the 700+ number of cars to choose from. I am currently at I think about 776 cars available.
-Great to finally have reverse lockout when downshifting quickly in a manual car at speed (won’t go into reverse at 60mph etc)
-As much as I am NOT a Homologation fan, it IS really nice to be able to quickly switch a car back to all stock
-The fixes that are being put in, although likely not addressing everything, are always appreciated

-I worry that too much of their time and focus, WAY too much time, has been spent perfecting Driver Gear and Prize Crates to a “T”. It’s not so much that they are there, but the sheer amount of TIME that you can see has gone into them that should’ve been spent elsewhere that frustrates me
-The simplest of fixes - adding a setting for “KM/H” and “HP (LB/FT TQ)” is STILL not present after all these years of members asking!
-I myself, not a fan at ALL of the new Old Rock (?) style menu music (had to eventually turn it off)
-Very often, it seems like the “Home” icon that signifies that you already own this car is missing, and worse, it doesn’t show on the small car icons you browse through to select a car, so you have to highlight EACH car individually to see whether you own one or not (when selecting cars in Free Play, for example)
-I wish in “Test Drive” mode they again would remove the 3-2-1 countdown timer prior to start, like in older games. It’s just a Test Drive, and is a waste of time
-I miss the Random Track Select (press X) feature - it seems to only show up now after having done a race already?

-Figuring out how to just simply execute a DANG Test Drive on a STOCK car, not Homologated, not limiting your selection of cars based on “Retro Classics” Divisions etc. It’s a big pain in Free Play to just randomly drive and select different cars without Divisions & Homologation getting the way constantly - I wish there could be a setting to disable ALL Homologation/Divisions etc and just give me a car list (where they are stock, or my Garage cars, as per usual)
-Car sounds - shockingly, this is the first Forza ever, that I can think of (other than maybe Forza 5) where a number of car sounds were DECREASED in quality from other Forzas (such as the RB motor in Skylines, certain VTEC motors, Subaru motors, Audi TTRS 5-cyl don’t sound as good, and incorrect/thoughtless burble added to Ferrari F355/NSX/GT3 etc). That said, they are still quite good, and the best in the business, in my opinion. Perhaps more time reviewing/customizing each car’s sound quality individually in Forza 8 might help.
-Somehow, the issue of car selection extreme slowness, and double-jumping (jumps 2 cars ahead when clicking once) seems to STILL exist! Can’t you just let us move the cursor quickly and only load the car image if we stay there for 1-2 seconds? I find simply selecting a car very slow & laggy


  • The pits - they were a lot more uneventful than I was expecting? It looked like we were going to get some cool action here…
  • 2-step & Launch Control
  • A proper Drag Racing mode with lights, ET @ MPH displayed afterwards etc
  • When browsing cars, have engine # of cylinders, displacement, and aspiration show in the specs…perhaps even the 1/4 mile & 0-60 time
  • It would be nice to allow users to be able to adjust the Field of View on the cockpit cams

Overall, it’s a mixed bag. Several issues, but also a lot of good items added that I felt were worth mentioning. Hard to deny a lot of good content for the money. Hopefully Turn 10 can keep their ears open to feedback from the community and get some changes into the next iteration (Forza 8).



Quick note, they will be adding an update in the near future that addresses the proper drag mode features that you ask. But other than that I fully agree with everything you said.


If I had a dollar for every time someone posted their own ‘review’ on here I’d be able to pay the mods a fair salary for closing all of these threads.


Have to agree
Maybe there should be one big thread where all these
" reviews" could be put into…along with their wishlists

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Yep one more I want MY Game to be like This as I payed for it so it should be made just for me post.

So hammer or Lock this time any takers

I wanted Spotify. Please give us Spotify, Turn 10.

Using the app is not the same because you have ambient sound in Forza.

I think most of your complaints are spot on.

Seriously, we really need new measures! It’d be nice if we could even pick them individually. I’m used to psi for tires, bhp for power and Nm for torque, but I can’t have all of them together. Metric horsepower in the metric option helps a limited part of the community only (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa), same with imperial giving you bhp but also mph for speed.

As for the sounds… I intended to post a thread detailing exactly my gripes with the artistic direction of the team for this game but I haven’t done so yet for fear that it might be merged into the other multiple-page thread we already have. In short: the effects are pretty awesome but the engine samples themselves were mishandled in many cases, often with mismatched pitch and rpm, and some juxtaposition of samples that don’t belong together (Ferrari V8 + Ferrari V12 for LaFerrari, for example). What Turn 10 has at present is some 30 samples or so that they mix in various forms to make the different engine sounds, with mixed results.


I didn’t get into racing games until last year. I bought some older titles along with all the new releases from other developers. Forza Horizon 3 always frustrated me because the circuit racing was so off the wall. One minute I would be flying through the air, the next I would be sliding around on sand going through water, and the next I was on tarmac, all in the same race. Which made tuning cars next to impossible. You just sort of adjusted them in some haphazard way that made them OK on most surfaces. Everybody told me YOU’RE LOOKING FOR FORZA MOTORSPORT 7. Suggesting that Forza Horizon was more of an arcade game, hence the wacky races in Horizon 3. I bought 7 when it was on sale for 29.99 last week, and this game is just as frustrating. I like to typically drive in some kind of cockpit view, but I can’t in Forza 7. There’s always some insanely bad glare on the window that makes visibility next to nothing. Even when there isn’t a horrible glare on the window, a lot of cars just have extraordinarily bad visibility in cockpit view. The Corvette C7.R is a pretty good example of this. In other games like Project Cars 2, none of this stuff is an issue. So I tried to switch to chase camera, and even then, there’s this weird sort of twisting feeling while using the chase cam that leads to me spinning out. I get in these gimble lock swerves and crash because there seems to be a little bit of a delay between my turning and how the car looks on the screen. I can’t get used to it. Which means I only have cockpit view, or hood view, and both are awful. All of the menu’s lag out because all the cars are 3d rendered instead of pictures like Horizon 3. All the cut scenes lag. I would say Horizon 3 was actually far more professional than F7. F7 feels like a game in early access or something. I don’t know this game is pretty bad. I don’t even know what to call it. It’s not a sim. It’s not an arcade game. It seems like its trying to do a little bit of everything, but doing it all very poorly. I wish developers would pick a goal, and strive toward it. Instead they all try to slop as many trends as they can together to reach a wide audience, and in the end we get these lukewarm , mundane games that feel awful.

It looks like a few of you don’t care about upholding Turn 10 to a standard.


Well if you had read a bunch off earlier post you would have noticed we took a bunch of big clubs, pitch Forks and Lengths of rope to the Turn 10 studios and soundly beat them black and blue and threatened to string them up till they seen the errors of there ways and decide to do a bunch of fixes. Don’t worry we gave them hell and they know it and are now trying to fix things but the fixes are many and extensive and will take time.

You are just way late to this topic.

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If you want to hold them to a standard, don’t buy their next game. I don’t know what to tell you. I’m surely not. Forza motorsport is an absolute joke, and the horizon series is off the wall acarde stuff. I must say though, the Horizon series is way better. At least you know what you’re getting with those games. Motorsport tries to be more of a professional racing game, and it’s just god awful. The cars feel super bland. There’s bugs everywhere on PC. There’s some absurd window glare blinding me 90% of the time in cockpit, I can’t tell when cars in front of me are slowing down because the brake light is 2% brighter when active. The AI are probably the worst in the industry, constantly slamming into me and rear ending me, or just stopping in front of me for no reason on a straight. None of these problems exist in project cars 2 btw. I highly recommend that game.

As a hardcore fan of the Forza motorsport franchise I have long been wondering since the launch of Forza Motorsport 7 why I’m so disappointed with the direction they have taken. Since Forza Motorsport 2 I have been playing these games, and it has remained the main reason for me to buy an Xbox console all these years. I have chosen to hold of posting my review of this installment on the Forza forum because it took me a while to gather my thoughts on the issue, and frankly I didn’t want to post a hot-headed thread again. A while ago I bought a PS4 Pro and Gran Turismo sport to see if the grass was really greener on the other side. It has given me a good reference point of what Forza is missing nowadays and what it does better than other games out there. With that I felt it was time to post this review.

I think that I’m probably not the only one that considers Forza Motorsport 4 to be one, if not the best Forza Motorsport title in the history of the franchise. And if the user rating on Metacritic is anything to go by it certainly is (I’m not paying attention to the score given by critic reviews, but I’ll get back to that). It has consistently remained the best rated Forza Motorsport title with the exception of Forza Motorsport 2. And this is not entirely without coincidence. In my opinion Forza Motorsport has been so appealing to so many because it struck a perfect balance between arcade and simulation. Forza Motorsport 4 embodied this absolutely perfectly, it was fun and open enough to entertain and attract new players whilst being serious enough to keep the fans interested in playing it long after its release. It did that by catering to the fans of the series and doing this so well, that the shear quality of the game appealed to the more casual gamer too. And that is exactly part of the problem nowadays. In recent times we have seen to many examples of franchises being ruined by mediocre sequels that try to cater to everybody, while it completely abandons the fundamental/core aspects that made that particular franchise so great. Dead space, Resident Evil & Dragon Age instantly spring to mind, a trend that leaves more and more gamers disillusioned with the industry. (Quick shout-out to Cuphead for keeping it real!) This fear of developers to exclude anybody has had a pretty appalling effect on the industry. Turn10 is guilty of the same problem, since Motorsport 5 it has catered more and more to the casual gamer (that will inevitably lose interest in the game after 4/6 weeks) at the expense of the loyal supporter of the franchise.

Personally at the time I was able to forgive Forza Motorsport 5 because I thought it would be a jumping off point for the franchise into the next generation of gaming. I held out hope back then that it was a new baseline from which they’d progress to the level of features and polish that made Forza Motorsport 4 so great, but with next gen graphical fidelity. It indeed proved to be a pivotal moment in the franchise, but sadly for all the wrong reasons. Not only the focus on the motorsport aspect was lost, but that of the community as well. I never been the most active member on the forum, I certainly won’t pretend that I am. But I have been around long enough to notice that things have changed. With Forza Motorsport 4 there were a number of in-game features that tied the community together. The in-game storefront was at the center of all this, a place to make your own and show of your liveries, photos/videos and tunes. This literally made you part of the community. But, and this is personal, the rivals mode was at its absolute best in Forza Motorsport 4. The payment mechanic with rivals was absolutely addicting to me, each time you beat the time of your rival you would get a bonus. The higher up on the leaderboard the better the payout, this kept me constantly wanting to improve and really made me get the best out of me. But since Forza Motorsport 5 the community has consistently been neglected, not only due to the removal of features we held so dear, but also due to lack of communication from Turn10. Although Turn10 has provided us with a nice looking forum to gather and discuss issues, no actual feedback is provided. The community is often left on its own wondering whether their input is being heard or not. Personally I’d advise Turn10 to hire community managers like Bungie does to frequently engage with the community. Something this franchise desperately needs.

With Forza Motorsport 6 we all hoped it would get better, but it never really did. Sure it remedied some issues and offered a lot more content , but somehow the franchise had lost its allure. Something was wrong that you couldn’t immediately put your finger on. That’s not to say that there weren’t issues that were immediately apparent, because there were. The most abiding memory of the recent Forza motorsport titles is the lack of effort from Turn10 to do something about the constant ramming and grieving in multiplayer races. And it is constant, make no mistake about it. No amount of words can over-exaggerate the seriousness of problem that plagues the multiplayer. Being part of a clean race in Forza is as rare as being struck by lightning and winning the lottery jackpot on the same day. Even now the effort to improve the multiplayer experience is laughable. I’m sure it is meant well by Turn10 to include a marshal program, but frankly there is no getting around the fact that it is far too little, far too late. Which brings me neatly onto Gran Turismo Sport. Since I always preferred Forza over Gran Turismo (and not a GT fanboy here to rip on Forza) I can honestly and objectively say that I was extremely impressed by the way Polyphony managed to stimulate clean online racing and punish unsporting behavior. For those who don’t know how it works, it’s really simple. You get a safety rating, when you start out racing you get the lowest rating possible out of six categories S, A, B, C, D and E. S being the highest rating. The more you finish races whilst staying out of trouble your rating goes up, if you keep making contact your rating goes down. And you are, for the most part, only lobbied with players of the same rating. The system is not so complicated as i.e. iRacing that it only caters to the hardcore simracer, but it’s simple and intuitive enough to cater to the more casual player without requiring the need to delve into a rulebook. Sure it’s not perfect, but I’d certainly go so far as to say that it’s effective. Looking back in at Forza, there is no doubt in my mind that this would be the right approach for Turn10 or any console racing game for that matter.

Another very apparent part of the problem regarding the current lack of focus on the Motorsport part is the roster of cars that currently are available with Forza. Forza Motorsport 4 featured cars from so many different racing divisions that every motorsport enthusiast could get their fill: DTM, JGTC/GT500, GT3, GT2, GT1, LMP2, LMP1, Group C, Porsche Supercup, etc. Each class I just mentioned had enough cars to make division filled with healthy variety of cars. It really was immense. That level of variety has never really been achieved ever since Forza Motorsport 4, which clearly was one of its strengths. It’s incredibly frustrating to see cars being added that have no business being in the Motorsport title. Forza Horizon? Sure that’s actually where you’d like to see some 4x4 vehicles for example, because having such vehicles in a game with offroad sections contributes to its overall theme. But in the case of Forza Motorsport, I think it isn’t unreasonable to expect Turn10 to focus on getting more cars in the game that actually belong on the track. I want to address one more thing about the cars before moving on. I’m disappointed that Turn10 felt the need to add Forza Edition cars and count different liveries toward the official car count of the game. Its feels misleading and dishonest to advertise a game has certain number of cars when in fact approx. 80 / 100 of those cars were in fact Forza Editions, Formula E’s. etc. Which shouldn’t count towards the unique car count. And on the subject of advertisement, regardless of the fact whether or not those cars should be counted double, they actually advertised, and I am quoting: ‘’More than 700 ForzaVista cars 700 cars at launch’’. When in fact at launch the game featured 688 cars. Maybe I’m bad at math, but I can’t help noticing that 688 is less than 700.

Forza Motorsport 7 in particular has rubbed me the wrong way the most. After spirits were lifted slightly with Forza Motorsport 6, I felt a bit more at ease that this time around they would get it right. Also in the back of my mind was the fact that in the past, traditionally a game released this late into a consoles lifecycle usually meant that a developer knows how to make the most of the available hardware. But frankly I wasn’t prepared for how badly it ran on launch, something that was never a issue with Turn10 (not on this scale anyway). The game was unstable, glitchy and performed poorly. Something as simple as selecting a car in your garage for example was a painfully juddery annoying chore, although in fairness this was improved slightly with a patch. But 7 installments into a series (3 of which were on the current engine) Turn10 should know how to make a polished game, they did it before. Coming back on the focus of the game, the emphasis on car collecting instead of the actual racing is exactly what I was on about earlier. Turn10 has opted to implement a shallow device to emphasize on the grind of collecting cars, a mechanic that becomes irrelevant after playing the game for approx. 2 weeks. And I think that says it all, like mentioned earlier, catering to players that usually are only interested in a Forza game for about 4/6 weeks hurts the longevity of the game for those who really support and play the game in the long term. The time spend developing a meaningless mechanic like car collecting could be better served on features that are actually requested by the community. Sounds silly right? The lack of meaningful innovation towards a better motorsport experience are worrying.

There is no way of getting around the fact that the launch of Forza Motorsport 7 was a disaster. The unstable performance, the lack of innovations and the amount of online features that were unavailable. Frankly the game wasn’t ready and shouldn’t have been released when it did. All this combined with the fact that Turn10 felt the need to screw over their players by introducing loot boxes and the VIP-debacle. The community drew a line by giving a clear signal that there is absolutely no need for loot boxes and micro transactions. And thankfully Turn10 remedied the VIP-pass problem and we have yet to see micro transactions make it actually in to the game. I think at this point it won’t, given how scared developers have gotten about backlash regarding monetization. But in fairness I should point out that it already started with Forza Motorsport 4 where you could purchase tokens, which you could use to buy cars in game. But the in-game economy was setup so that you wouldn’t need them anyway. Which isn’t the same for Forza Motorsport 7, earning money is a lot slower and I can’t help but get the distinct impression it was setup this way with the obvious micro transactions in mind that were supposed to come down the pipeline. As far as monetization is concerned I don’t mind paying to prolong the longevity of a game, i.e. with DLC like car packs. But what ever happened to the ten cars per pack instead of the meager 7 (many of which are now cars that don’t belong in the game anyway). Al I can say on the monetization issues with Forza is that I hope Turn10 have learned their lesson and won’t try anything this stupid ever again.

As I mentioned earlier I made the jump to Gran Turismo Sport to see what’s what. I was intrigued by the realistic details in the car models, but mostly the online rating system. After playing it for some time I was really impressed. Sure sometimes you get a bad race but overall I frequently find myself in a clean online race fighting with competitors who are evenly matched. The worst thing about Gran Turismo that hindered me the most was the lack of force feedback in the controller during accelerating and braking. There is no way of telling when brakes will lock up or when you might get wheelspin other than to use muscle memory. This particular issue is something Forza Motorsport has always gotten so right and makes it an absolute treat to play. Another problem with Gran Turismo is that it is extremely good fun for someone who wants to do some serious racing, but there is no real way to let your hair down every once in a while. And that’s where the great balance between the arcade and simulation of Forza comes in. It feels realistic enough that you feel immersed in the racing, but when you want, you can go to a test session and just do some donuts and drift around a bit. This is what Gran Turismo definitely misses. God knows how many hours I spend just hooning around and burn up some rubber on the test track. That balance between the plain good old fun and the reserved realism is what makes so Forza Motorsport so unique and appealing to me. It’s probably the reason why couldn’t really every consider Gran Turismo a true alternative, both games are just unique in their approach to a simcade racing game. But where Gran Turismo has stayed true to their origins, Forza’s focus has gotten more and more distorted down the road.

One issue that bothers me a lot isn’t necessarily with the game but it’s with reviews from professional gaming media outlets. Apart from the rare review on YouTube, I haven’t seen a honest review that accurately describes the experience and gives decent consumer advise. I mean here are just some quotes: ‘’Bulletproof multiplayer experience’’ – GamingTrend, ‘’A real racing masterpiece’’ – MondoXbox, ‘’This is the best car sim of 2017’’ – Gaming Nexus. Just a small grab from so many unrealistic reviews that don’t address a single issue a fan of the series might have. You know I might be wrong but I’d describe the multiplayer experience anything but bulletproof. Forza Motorsport 7, as evident by the issues I’ve mentioned is absolutely no masterpiece, and in no way shape or form is Forza Motorsport the greatest racing simulator (it never has been, nor does it need to). Basically they all say it looks pretty and has a bunch of cars, and think their review is a job well done. This is the reason why I mentioned earlier that I don’t take the critics score seriously. It’s something we see a lot in the industry right now, so many games are consistently rated considerably lower by actual gamers than their journalistic counterparts. In case of Forza Motorsport I can completely understand why. It’s incredibly hard to give a honest and accurate review of Forza Motorsport games, unless you are a fan that has carefully witnessed the changes with every release whilst keeping in mind the impressive baseline for the series that was established with Forza Motorsport 3 & 4. To a casual player or journalist who is just there to review the game on its face value it’s nearly impossible to accurately rate and value the game for what it really is.

On top of all the problems with the current installment there are whole host of small things that make the experience needlessly frustrating: the fact that you have to setup an entire free race in order to go for a test drive, having to purchase every upgrade individually instead of having a basket-setup like Playground implemented in Horizon 3, liveries constantly not showing up in your garage, or still no real possibility to choose AI’s cars in free and private races. And all the individual issues I have mentioned so far in this review are easily forgivable in and of their own, but the all of them together have made the overall experience extremely disappointing for me. Perhaps I’m overly nostalgic and should stop referring to Forza Motorsport 4, but in truth once you are so heavily invested in a franchise you don’t want to let go of it. You hope it gets better, you hope your loyalty is rewarded. But when it consistently isn’t, it’s hard not to refer back to golden times. I take absolutely no joy in being so negative about the current state of Forza Motorsport, in fact it really saddens me. But at some point I just need to speak my mind. I really do hope things will get better, but at this point I struggle to believe that it will.

Thank you for your time and attention, please let me know your thoughts on the current state of things. I’m really curious what other fans think of Forza Motorsport at the moment.


Good review! Great points.

Thank you, what point did you find most recognizable?

Nope, you just haven’t seen a review that fully agrees with your points. The game is good fun for casuals and retains the gameplay that made Forza so much loved. By gameplay I mean physics of course since the class system was not nearly as prominent anymore.

The thing that rubbed me the wrong way in this game were the countless glitches in many of the cars. Don’t like some of the sounds either. Other than that, I couldn’t care less. FH3 was still crashing every 3 hours on my Xbox One S almost a full year after release, whereas I had few problems with FM7. For FH4 I hope they combed through each car featured in the game to fix all of the wrong stuff. I can’t understand why cars that should have been just a copy/paste from FH3 emerged with multiple bugs in FM7.

As for the content, you can’t have GT500 and DTM anymore, sorry. The Japanese won’t license GT500 to games other than Gran Turismo. DTM is owned by Raceroom. I do agree the GT3 and P2 field is quite weak, though. P1 took a hit because Toyota went to bed with Polyphony this year, so no TS050 nor Rebellion R-One.

Turn 10 knows it can’t promote an e-sports game with such ridiculous situations like the Indy GP track limits or the lack of penalties online, so they’re taking measures. How successful they will be, I don’t know. I know Gran Turismo Sport has better racing due to the penalty system, but I also know the system is faulty and the racing is far from perfect.

Back to reviews, what most people don’t realize is that no review is gonna reveal the intricacies of a game. Gaming reviews aren’t credible these days (and FM4 is old enough not to be targeted by Sony fanboys and trolls on Metacritic like recent Xbox One exclusives were), but one thing that must be said about them is that they must be out at the game’s release or even before. Therefore it’s impossible to make an assessment about things such as game balance, gamebreaking glitches, and so on.

To give you an example, I’ve been marathoning Assassin’s Creed games to get up to speed with the series. I consider myself a fan and always play all of the side missions, and I’m going for 100% sync in all of the games I’m playing through. I did not think either Black Flag or Rogue were as good a game as they were hailed to be in comparison with older entries, but that’s because the things I didn’t like about them are stuff that would be overlooked by someone who’s not a fan. I still enjoyed both games, though.

Like I said, FM7 did not have its full features upon launch, but it had enough to warrant a high score from a casual player (good gameplay, good career mode). The uninitiated don’t care about auction house, storefront (which they removed from the series to promote the weekly contests, a bad move of course), bonus money from beating rivals (which was negligible in FH3 to the point of making the quadruple money perk useless), or leagues. Gran Turismo on the other hand didn’t have anything really, it had a very limited amount of cars, very few tracks, a negligible offline mode and the server save debacle. In fact, it should’ve been hit harder with negative reviews, but it’s on the PS4 so the press always cuts them some slack. It still sold a lot but the casual public has largely shunned the game due to having deviated from its formula even further than FM7.

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I don’t necessarily need to agree with a review to think it’s good but a review by a loyal fan or someone who is familiar with the series carries more weight than someone who just looks at the face value of something.

Focussing on mere issues like the GT500 class shows me you focus on all the wrong aspects and intensions of the review. The part about PS4 GTS not getting negative reviews just isnt true…

What a fantastic post!! it’s long but accurate. The part about catering to people who only play four to six weeks sums it up nicely. People who are only interested in the newest and trending games wont stick around for the long haul. The 10-15 yr old crowd playing any new game mommy buys them until something else new is out. Unfortunately, I think mommy is the new target audience, she has the money and the game keeps the kids busy.

You do have to say though, Turn 10 had someone working hard on making all of those cute driver gear items, if your into that. Every minute spent on driver gear was time not spent on making menus work, or not putting in AI for private multiplayer. Forza RC is the future direction of forza, and it is not focused on a single player gamer. That focus seems aimed at viewers, not players.

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Thanks, good point about time being a precious developer recourse, indeed time spend on driver gear is time not spend on implementing features the community has asked for, for years which is probably the biggest contributing factor to people being unhappy with the franchise.

My friend… some friendly advice… this post is like a Wikipedia entry for the misdeads of Trump.
If you want people to read your post, they really need to be shorter. Maybe a TL;DR ?

I got bored just looking at the massively long paragraph structure. When I saw how many there were, my eyes glazed over.


Under normal circumstances I would agree. But this guy is basically saying what is wrong with forza 7, and that is going to be paragraphs of information.

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Like setting the car type to ANY, for instance?