My Forza 4 livery designs

Hey guys , so been playing on forza 6 a lot lately. so sad to say but not too sure I will be painting any more cars in forza 4. but it has been fun, made even more so when I started to post and read the forums. I have been painting in forza since 2011, but think it was like 2012 I started to sell my designs in the SF, what can I say I was being cheap and would not for gold live.

Well I thought I would p[ut all my livery designs up for you all to see. some hits some misses, some easy some took a while, However a thoroughly enjoyable experience. again made better by the helpful tips and tricks you all helped me with.

this is how I am going to do it, over the next couple of days I am going to get pics off all my designs together, some I already have, some a lot actually I will have to take now. and we all know what a pain this process is lol. I will break them down to 3 categories. fantasy design, race original designs and race replica designs. I will give a short note on some cars if there is something I need to say about the design.

I hope you guys will like at least some of them, well some I already know ya’s do :slight_smile:

will start posting pics tonight some time.

wish me luck Phred.

(dang it is gonna take a while to up load and some of these pics.)

well this is going to take l;onger then I thought, but here a few, I managed to take pics of

this is the very first full design I did. Started out as a joke between me a and buddy one night. I call it my P.E.T.A. car

next car is just playing with pink floyd the wall

Another pinnk floyd car, but never did finish this one. (came to notice I have a lot of unfinished cars.)

this is my first tribute car, I did it for Alvin Lee. a truely great Guitar player. check him out if you dont know who he is.


ok for now that is it more later tonight or tomorrow


A cpl more of my livery designs. Starting with my 2013 and 2014 Canada day cars.


2014 Can day Car

anyone on the xb1 look for my 2016 Canada day car. a little hint it’s a Dodge manufactured in Canada. I will put it out on July first this year.
It will be a special edition as well, as this year we celebrate the 50th year of the maple leaf Flag

In keeping with a Canadian theme, a buddy drives cab for Canadian cab company, so as a joke I did a cab for him.

Canadian cab

I am hoping to get a few more designs up later this afternoon.

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Looking good!

Thanks Yakov.

The next 2 are my Electra glide in blue cars. I did the lotus and was finished it, but then did the Prius for a BTM photo contest. (4 door cars figured it was an appropriate design for the Prius as well so…). Never did put the Prius in the storefront though.
anyway first the Lotus, which became my best selling car for FM4.

And now the Prius

The next two are my Allmax protein drink mix cars. I did this car because an acquaintance use to come to my place after the gym. he always had the container with him. one day he left one behind and I was searching for ideas to paint. looked over seen the container and thought ahh why not, so the Allmax RUFF was born.

The second Allmax car I did, almost got me in big time trouble with the big time muscle crew. I kept seeing the BTM logo on all kinds of cars and thought well muscle protein drink, why not toss a big time muscle logo on it,. but as is my want when doing a new logo I did a google search and figured out you guys were a FM4 club. so I refrained from using it. (BTW your crew does amazing work, wish I would have been more active in forums back then.)

Anyway Allmax 2

Well there are a few more. next will probably be my kicker cars. seemed to go into a kicker audio faze for some reason did about 4 or 5 cars based on that logo. hope to get them up tonight or tomorrow.

later gators

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I’m not Canadian, but I really like the Canada Day liveries.

LOL : )

Glad you liked it costless.

ok think this batch is going to finish up my fantasy designs.

First up is my Rockstar car. ok in all fairness and disclosure, the firestone logo was a stock logo.

Next a little fairlady kicker car. (again in all honesty, I did use the alpine logo A friend randy sent it and said i could use it, thought about doing one of my own just cuz I prefer not use others logos but what can I say got lazy)

ok here another car for a band , the clash. never could figure out how to get the logo on the hood proper.

Next is my Hell on wheels car. I just really liked the series and started this car after watching an episode. I did it two colour schemes.

With this cobra i was just playing with flames. sides and hood turned out good, but just looking at again recently not overly happy with the front bumper, so only one shot for this car.

ok this is another of my fav whimsical designs I call it Snax on Trax.

ok think that finishes off my fantasy designs. I have one other I am temped to put here, but I never finished it completely. so If I do finish it I will edit this post and put it in.
next are my race replica cars. thankfully only ever did 3 of those I think.
later gators.

opps I was wrong found 3 more cars.

First is the farewell to DLC livery contest. suppose to be a Porsche car but the RUF’s were allowed. oh y7a and it was Halloween.

next another pink floyd car

ok this last one here is for Terryvariable it was for his anything Kentucky car. I never posted because as far as i am concerned i really could not finish the car to my satisfaction. I needed the silhouette of a horse which I could not do. so just sent him this version and told him the name of a gamertag that did a good silhouette and told him where to put it on the car. this version does not have the horse on it.

the horse in this pic was the VG I could not do myself. but I think it makes the car a lot better


I was going to do fantasy paints, then race original, then race replica’s. Change my mind cuz race replica will be the easiest , so here are my race replica paints, all 3 of them :slight_smile: .

First is a 67 vette I did for turn 10 Le Mans livery contest. (did not do so well but eh here it is any way.)

Next is the 2013 merc c Class that Rob Wickens drove in the DTM series. he was born in the same city I live in now, so thought that was kinda cool. Hence I did the car :slight_smile:

and finally a Datsun 510 from the Paul Newman race team. but I think I did not get it quite right, still looks good though.

So now we come to my Race original designs. i will post some today and hopefully the rest tomorrow. (hopefully being the operative word there.).


ok now my race original cars. again hope you guys like them.

first car got kinda lazy on I entered the xbox racing leagues muscle car series and just used the 67 Le Mans vette, and added my own sponsors and the required VG’s for the series.

Next one I entered the south african race series, good bunch of guys but only did 3 races with them do to the lag issues I was having. but still it was fun guys sorry I could not finish the series. (hope some one from the SARR is reading this lol).


more of my race original designs.

first a 64 chev Impala

next is my first team design I did this for me and Rustable wizard for the 2015/16 xbox race league . one car is green and yellow and the second was reversed yellow and green. hope ya like it.
1 ST my car

Rusty’s car

both cars

Another kicker livery. (do ya think I like that logo or what lol)

did this car for the 2014/15 Xbox race legue GT series. (the second car started the season in another car but another player and me had connection issues so when he backed out I went back in with this car. Also this car is for a micro brewery near me I sent them a pic of the car, they posted on thier FB page. that was kinda cool.

this is the first car I did for the 1014/15 gt series


Now for the cars I painted for other people. First the 3 cars I did for mike1979.

the second car.

I did not get sme good shots loaded to flickr for the 3rd car, so will edit this later. but here is on of it.
and then all 3 cars together.

And now the last cars. this one I did for a race mace chubb. he liked the paint scheme just not all the colours. so he made his slightly different for the actual race.

first the rockstar vette. (my design)

and the two cars together he did a Caterpillar themed car. I thought I had more pics of his design but this is the only one I have.

Well that is pretty well all of them, how ever in doing this little project I noticed another 10 or so cars I was working and for what ever reason did not finish, so there maybe an update to this thread later.

Now I have a request well 2 actually. the first one is I would like to get a picture of as many of my designs as possible. So if you guys would be so kind I would like to ask yous to show up for a photo shoot. choose the car you like the best, and I will put it in my sf if it is not already there, for free. the track will be the alps. it wont be a race really do to the difference in car classes. but it would be really cool if some of you will help me out with this. Send a request for a car either here or message me in game.
and Second request. well before I quit FM4 altogether I want to finish the achievements. and the one I need help with is the 5 star rating. now I don’t want you to just go and put 5 stars on a design but if you do like it and think it is worth a 5 then please do. help a brother out EH!!

anyway thanks for your interest in this thread.

later gators
Phred Zeppelin.